Neb. youngster uses Heart City Bull Bash as venue for helping girls on other side of the world

Story and Photos by Terri Licking Thedford, Neb.

The producers of the bulls on display during the Feb. 15 Heart City Bull Bash in Valentine, Neb., had a primary reason behind what they do — improving the genetics of the commercial cattlemen.

Stepping into the local antique store, Cody Foster & Co. Inc., was a Valentine fourth grader, whose primary reason for being there that day was to improve the life of one girl in India, a victim of the human trafficking trade.

Nevaeh Foster, a slight, dark-haired, always-smiling youngster — older in spirit than her 10 years — is concerned with unknown girls on the other side of the world.

“We had a missionary at our church come and tell us about what he is doing, trying to rescue the girls in Bangalore, India, where he lives,” explained Angie, Nevaeh’s mom. “He is building orphanages, so when he buys a girl’s freedom, at $500 each, they will have a place to come to. So far he has rescued 300 girls.”

Nevaeh continues the story.

“My mom was sick, so to make her feel better, I made her and my two younger brothers (ages 8 and 6) some cupcakes, which they really liked. We had just heard about these poor girls, and I was wondering then what I could do to help, so the idea of selling cupcakes during the Bull Bash seemed like a good idea. My mom, my grandma Connie (Williams) and great-grandma Elaine (Olmsted) baked 110 cupcakes last night, plus the smaller ones for people to sample. I helped frost and decorate them.”

Her set up for selling made things easy.

Her family’s business location is at 227 N. Main.

“I hope to make $500 I can send to the missionary (Paul Conger),” she said.

“She is well on her way to do that, as not many cupcakes are left,” added great-grandma Elaine, with pride in her voice.

Grandma Connie was not on hand.

“She’s probably napping,” explained Nevaeh. “It was a long night, making and decorating all the cupcakes.”

Both mom and great-grandma were shaking their heads affirmatively at that comment.

Alongside the cupcakes, to make the sales more poignant, were pictures of three Indian girls that had been rescued by Conger, two looked to be no older than Nevaeh, while one looked even younger. ❖

For those who would like to help Nevaeh better the life of a victim of human trafficking in India, donations may be sent to Nevaeh Foster, 633 N. Hall St., Valentine, NE 69201.

For more information, call Angie, her mother, at (402) 389-0563, or email her at