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May 20, 2013
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New Corn Herbicide Products

Just in time for corn planting in 2013, four new herbicide products are available containing pyroxasulfone. A Kansas State University extension and research scientist has studied these new products, and offers crop producers the very latest information.

The four new products are called Zidua, Anthem, Anthem ATZ, and Fierce. All are brand new in 2013.

“Pyroxasulfone is an ingredient in all four of these products. The pyroxasulfone has soil activity, which provides excellent annual grass control, and has very good activity on the small seeded broadleaf weeds like pigweed; much like other chloracetamides. Pyroxasulfone also has improved activity on kochia, and the large-seeded broadleaf weed; velvetleaf compared to other chloroacetamide herbicides,” said Dr. Curtis Thompson, Extension Weed Scientist at Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kan.

Dr. Thompson considers the three products: Zidua, Anthem and Anthem ATZ in a similar category having soil activity, and can be applied before or after planting corn.

Zidua: is a product from the chemical company BASF.

“Zidua is a dry product with a range of use rates from: 1.5 oz. to 4 oz.,” Thompson told the Fence Post. When combined with atrazine, Thompson notes Zidua will be very competitive with other acetamide/atrazine pre-mixes.

Anthem: is a liquid pre-mix of pyroxasulfone and an herbicide called Cadet. It’s marketed by FMC Company.

“Anthem use rates are: 8 oz. to 11 fluid ounces. If you have small velvetleaf or common lambsquarters emerged at the time of application, add either crop oil concentrate (COC) or non-ionic Anthem, and the Cadet component will control these weeds post-emergence,” Thompson suggested. Anthem is similar to Zidua in its effectiveness of residual weed control, however Anthem has limited activity on certain broadleaf weed species, when it’s applied post-emergence. As with Zidua, the addition of atrazine to Anthem will broaden the spectrum of weeds controlled.

Anthem ATZ: is a pre-mix of Anthem, and contains a total of three herbicides: pyroxasulfone, Cadet and atrazine.

“Anthem ATZ has the best foliar activity on broadleaf weeds of the three products just mentioned; particularly on kochia, velvetleaf and morning-glory,” Thompson said. As a result, Thompson suggests using COC or NIS, which are adjuvants to the Anthem ATZ, and will enhance the post-emergence activity. The use rate is: 1-3/4 to 3 pints per acre.

“Be sure to examine the labels of Zidua, Anthem and Anthem ATZ, because the use rate of these three herbicides is dependent upon the soil texture,” advised Dr. Thompson. “Coarse, medium and fine textured soils allow different rates of these herbicides.”

Thompson notes: All three of the above can go on the soil surface, prior to or right after corn planting.

Meanwhile, there’s also a fourth new 2013 corn herbicide: Fierce, it’s a pre-mix of the pyroxasulfone and Valor. This herbicide is marketed by Valent company.

“Fierce, is a dry product, with its best fit in a no-till situation; applied only on the soil surface. Fierce-however must go on at least seven days before planting corn, to minimize the risk of crop injury from the Valor component,” Thompson cautioned. “Its recommended use is: three oz. of product per acre. It provides excellent activity on annual grasses, small seeded broadleaf weeds and large-seeded broadleaf weeds, because: the Valor component with the Zidua works well.” The addition of atrazine can also expand the spectrum of weeds controlled.

Since these are new products this season, Thompson recommends checking availability, in advance of need. ❖

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