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February 11, 2013
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Plains Edition Recipes 2-9-13

Brown Sugar Pecan Crisps

Kay Bedlan, Lewellen, Neb.

2-1/2 c. Flour

1/2 t. Baking Soda

1/2 t. Salt

2-1/2 c. Brown Sugar, packed

1 c. Oleo, softened

2 Eggs

1 t. Vanilla

1-1/2 c. Pecans, chopped

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In a large bowl, cream together oleo and brown sugar. Beat in eggs and vanilla. Gradually add salt, baking soda and flour. Mix well. Add chopped pecans. Drop by spoonfuls onto cookie sheet. Bake for 12 minutes. Keeps well in tightly covered container.

Aunt Nancy’s Glass Candy

Ethel Williams, Papillion, Neb.

1 c. Clear Karo Syrup

1 c. Granulated Sugar

1/2 c. Water

Mix all ingredients. Boil until mixture starts to turn yellow. Add 1 teaspoon cherry flavoring and a few drops of red food coloring. Pour onto a cookie sheet and allow to cool. When candy is very hard, crack into pieces.

Hearts Of Passion

Iola Egle, Bella Vista, Ark.

2 lbs. Milk Chocolate, tempered

1/4 c. Heavy Cream

1 Tbsp. Corn Syrup

1 c. Fresh Passion Fruit Juice

18 oz. Milk Chocolate, chopped

5 Tbsp. Passion Fruit Liqueur

2 Tbsp. Butter

Using a ladle, fill the molds with milk chocolate. When full, empty excess chocolate back into the bowl. The inside of the molds should be evenly coated. Wipe the tip of the mold clean and place it upside down on a wire rack over a baking sheet. Once the chocolate starts to harden, about 5 minutes, use a wide pastry scraper to clean the edges of each cavity clean. When chocolate sets, it shrinks or retracts from sides of molds. A clean edge will keep it from sticking and cracking as it shrinks. Place cream, corn syrup and passion fruit juice in pan and scald. Pour hot cream mixture over chopped chocolate and blend until smooth with an immersion hand blender. Add passion fruit liqueur and the butter and blend until smooth with an immersion hand blender. Allow mixture to come to 85 degrees. Place mixture in piping bag and pipe into chocolate filled molds. Let set overnight. Apply milk chocolate to the bottoms of each cavity with offset spatula in order to seal them, scrape clean and allow to set. Invert mold over clean dry surface. It may be necessary to rap the mold against counter so chocolates let go.

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