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March 3, 2014
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Mad Jack Hanks: Tales From The O-NO Ranch 2-24-14

Gentle readers, that big bright light that I have been keepin’ an eye on today has me lookin’ ahead.

Yep, the ole sun is out and warming up Mother Earth and melting all of this snow that lays in bunches all over the place. You most likely will have a hard time choking this down ... but I had a robin fly into one of my pine trees just outside the window on February the 10. It was one cold, froggy, nasty day with frozen fog and snow on everything including ole Clancy, my dog and Howdy, my fat paint hoss. It was also my deceased wife’s birthday and was a sort of sad and gloomy day for me until I saw that robin. I finished my coffee and started in on a good spring cleaning of my house. That’s how much it perked me up. Our spring should come forth with lots of green grass and hopeful hearts for what lays ahead for the summer. I know, I know, we still should have another four to six weeks of snow and cold on occasion, but, February is almost over.

I finished up 14 months of volunteering in the ER at one of our local hospitals this morning. I had mixed emotions about that. I felt it was time to call it a day but leaving those wonderful folks that I had gotten so attached to was difficult at best. Good soldiers they are to the last man and woman. I had no idea what they had to endure in eight to 12 shift hours. I was glad to have been a very small part of their team. It gave me a different set of eyes when it comes to compassion and “riding for the brand” when it applies to getting a difficult job done in a caring and professional manner.

I recharged the battery on the Harley yesterday and gave it a good cleaning up. I’m lookin’ ahead to the time when all the mud has dried up and the temps are warm enough to fire it up and make a run.

I’m still lookin’ forward to finding the right horse for my place. There are a couple I hope to go throw a leg over when the weather lends itself for such.

Those folks down in the southeast and up the eastern seaboard I reckon are lookin’ ahead to getting their weather patterns back to normal. They are getting poked in the eye for sure but children, this is what memories are made of. If our lives were so mundane and if there were no ups and downs and unexpected happenings in our lives ... we would be bored to tears.

We do live in exciting times not only in our everyday world of politics etc., but in agriculture also. Cattle prices have stayed high and it appears that they will for a good while to come with the livestock numbers being so low. I remember when a dollar a pound for a 400 pound yearling was almost beyond belief. Now that same calf can bring as much as two dollars a pound. Yes, the cost of business goes up as well, but the bottom line is the cow calf producer has a better than average chance to survive than in the past.

Yep, I’m lookin’ ahead to more robins, strong green grass, heavenly summer nights, and more memories to be stored away in this old noggin. I wish the same for you. Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, stand tall for liberty, and I’ll c y’all, all y’all. ❖

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