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March 31, 2014
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Mad Jack Hanks: Tales From The O-NO Ranch 3-31-14

One of my special programs on the “telly” is Texas Country Reporter. There is the feller that drives all over Texas visiting with unusal folks in unusal places that do things that may be out of the ordinary for most of us. Of course, Texas being the large land mass that it is, this guy can find lots of subject matter and of course, me being from the “old country” Texas, I really enjoy this program most of the time.

This past Sunday morning was one of my favorite of all time shows. Gentle readers, that reporter made ole Mad Jack cry. Yep sure “nuff” I was brought to tears over a young girl, a freshman in high school, in East Texas. This lass was not only a beautiful young girl but she was legally blind. What was out of the ordinary about her you querry? She holds the record in pole vaulting for the track team. She also runs the 440, plays basketball and is a steller student. Just to watch her perform blew me away. How can she do all of that when she can only, as she describes it, like looking through a soda straw and then just seeing mostly a blur? He sat across from her and ask her what she saw when she looked at him? “Oh, I just see a white blur mostly, I really can’t make out your features,” she said.

To listen to this young woman talk about her disability as if it were nothing made me want to start counting my blessings. To watch her dribble the basketball in traffic and make baskets was beyond my understanding.

I’ll bet most of you guys that go to rodeos have either heard of or seen the “One Armed Bandit” perform during the rodeo. This feller lost one arm in a tragic electrical accident. What makes him special? Well, I’ll tell ya ... he gathers up several longhorned steers on his horse, runs them upon the back of a flatbed truck and sometimes up on top of the cab as he is cracking his bull whip! I had the occasion to visit with him at the Loveland, Colo., rodeo years back and I was taken back by his confidence and the courage he showed by his unbelievable feats of horsemanship and controlling longhorns. Gentle readers, that’s out of the ordinary.

I couldn’t do what either of the above mentioned have done and can do, could you? I gotta’ tell ya Charlie Brown, there are folks out there that go way beyond the pail when it come to being “out of the ordinary.” I wish I had not only their courage but the wisdom they have gained from their tragic experiences.

Stay tuned, stay cool, check yer cinch on occasion, raise a fist for freedom, and I’ll c y’all, all y’all. ❖

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