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June 23, 2014
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Shelli Mader: Road to Ranching 6-21-14

The closer we got to the move from Kansas to Texas the more I began to realize that we couldn’t take our beloved cat Chico with us. The house we found to rent charged a fee of $300 per pet, which seemed like a lot of money to add onto the already hefty cost of moving (and we had to pay that fee for our dog too!). Plus, we weren’t able to find a place to live in the country, so Chico would have been forced to live outside in the middle of a busy subdivision. The house we found to rent was right off a very traveled road and I worried about him getting run over. And, most importantly, the relationship between my husband and the cat was very tense following the Chico wetting the bed incident. So, reluctantly I decided that finding a new home for our cat was the best answer.

Thankfully a cat-loving friend of mine was looking for a pet for her and her three kids. So, about a month before we moved, I took Chico to my friend’s house to stay while the kids and I took a three day trip to visit my parents in Colorado.

It seemed like it was a good idea to leave Chico without really saying goodbye, but when we got back to Kansas, the kids and I were pretty bummed that he wasn’t there. Sure, we could have gone to my friend’s house to see him, but I knew that it would just make the kids sad, so I decided it was just best to move on with life. For the next few weeks we were busy packing and saying goodbye to everyone we cared about in Kansas.

I thought that we had said all our goodbyes, but just a few days before we moved, I heard a meowing at the door around 2 a.m. I assumed that I had been dreaming and went back to sleep, but when I went to the door in the morning I was shocked to see that I hadn’t been — Chico was there and wanted to come in.

I felt like I was in a mini episode of “The Incredible Journey” — that movie where the animals travel hundreds of miles home to their families. Chico had been at my friend’s house for over a month, and her house was at least a mile and a half away across several busy streets — I was definitely surprised that the cat knew the way to us and got there safely.

It was a great little reunion to have Chico back. He got lots of pets and fell asleep on my son’s bed for the afternoon. When it was time to give him back to my friend, we were ready. Chico had been missing from her house for three days and they were worried.

Today, though the kids and I miss Chico, we are glad he lives a pampered, indoor life. We’ve even gotten the chance to video chat with him. He looks very happy. And, we will always be thankfully that he stopped by for one more goodbye. ❖

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