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July 21, 2014
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Mad Jack Hanks: Tales From The O-NO Ranch 7-21-14

Do you consider yourself to be a polite person, gentle reader? I think that I am as I make it a point to speak to most folks that I come in contact with. However, too much of the time they are engaged in looking down into that little box that has all those configurations and icons in it, for me to get their attention. They don’t want to be spoken to I reckon when they are busy with whatever. For me, too much of that type of behavior too much of the time is being impolite.

I always make it a point to open and hold a door for the person coming in behind me or the one coming out towards me. Most folks here where I live in this little burg of Wellington, Colo., seem to be pleased when I do that for them. I know that it pleases me when someone does it for me, especially a young person. I believe that being polite is a virtue.

There are those times when I look directly at someone who is looking at me and say, “howdy,” or “how ya doin’?” only to have them completely ignore me. That really gets my dander up. I consider that rude behavior as if I didn’t exsist at all. Maybe they just thought of me as the “hayseed” that I am or a “country bumpkin.” If so, they are living in an area where there are a lot of country bumpkins and why they would choose to be here, I don’t know. There could be othe reasons why folks don’t return your greeting. It could be that they are going through a crisis like I was years back and have been hurt so bad that they are withdrawn until times are better. I know that folks are like that under those conditions. I also know that folks move here from areas where folks do not speak to one another and think nothing about it. When you do not appreciate when others are friendly to you, you need, in my humble opinion, to embrace that friendly greeting as you would a greeting card when you are in need of one. At the dance hall, I always speak to everyone that I come in contact with unless my mind has wandered and I am not paying attention. I have only come across a very few ol’ soreheads that ignore me when I have greeted them. I have been run over by one fat guy that always seems to be in a sour mood. I don’t think I have ever seen him smile. Don’t know why, haven’t asked and don’t care to since he is a “grouch.” He never says, “excuse me,” or “oh, I’m sorry,” when he freight trains you but his dancin’ partner at the time seems to be embarrased about it. If I run into someone by accident or visa versa, I always say I’m sorry unless I know that they are unconcerned and want their place on the dance floor unconditionaly.

Folks, life really is too short to not be polite to one another when given the opportunity. I know that it makes me feel good when folks speak to me or hold a door for me and I assume that it’s that way for most of us. I have held the door for others only to have them brush by me and never look back. That makes me a little sad for the most part. I don’t think that I have ever come across farm or ranch folks that were not always friendly and ready to greet you and have someting nice to say even if it’s about the weather.

If you are one of those whose lives are commanded by that little box please lighten up, look up once in a while and smile at someone and say “howdy.” It will not only do you a world of good, it will do them likewise, unless they too are lookin’ down thumbing their way to who knows what?

Stay tuned, gentle readers, and remember liberty is earned by great sacrifice and can be lost by being complacent. Check yer cinch on occasion and I’ll c y’all, all y’all. As a reminder, remember also to suppport the local rodeos in your area. ❖

If you are one of those whose lives are commanded by that little box please lighten up, look up once in a while and smile at someone and say “howdy.”

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