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August 4, 2014
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Mad Jack Hanks: Tales From The O-NO Ranch 8-4-14

Wow! I gotta’ tell ya gentle readers, it is hot outside this morning. I have been trimming horses feet and had to quit. That’s hard on an old guy like me whether it’s hot or not. Now, those are just the facts. I didn’t color around the edges and did my best to stay inside the lines.

What in the heck are you babblin’ about? You may ask. Well, I had a reader confront me about a recent column. He thought I might have been a little ambitious with some of my reporting on what some states dole out in the way of welfare. Now we all know that cowboys are many times guilty of adding a little flavor to their stories and that’s what will make a good story a better story much of the time. In this case I was reporting facts that even I found hard to believe and you may have as well as the above mentioned reader.

By the way, I always encourage you to voice an opinion on my columns or me, good or bad. Many times it encourages me and prompts me to strive to do better.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch. In my reporting of this particular state, which happens to be Hawaii, I offered you could receive $60,000 in welfare benefits. What I didn’t make clear is that a single woman with two children can qualify for $49,175. That’s just the fact! Here’s where the 60,000 figure comes into play. The average working “stiff” would have to earn $60,000 to get the same amount of benefit after taxes etc. that the welfare mom gets in Hawaii. This was reported in the Hawaii Reporter in Honolulu by way of the Cado Institute. You can find what every state offers in the way of welfare payments by going to Google on your computer.

When I want to share an incident or story about something that happened to me or someone I know, I have to depend on my memory. Don’t you? Isn’t that what memories are for? I do not embellish my experiences, I just tell you what I honestly remember concerning the details. Do I get every word right in every conversation? Probably not, you wouldn’t either. I have had folks and by the way, folks that, in my opinion, have lived very quiet, uneventful lives, accuse me of coloring way beyond the lines when I am telling of some event in my life. I have many, many good stories to tell and have already told most of them in this column. They are true, every word to the best of my memory.

I do appreciate you folks that read this column and support me. I offered that to the feller that was critical of my column. I appreciated his opinion and will appreciate yours as well. I feel blessed to have been writing this column for over 20 years and that you would still take the time to read it.

As a closing comment. Hell did freeze over night before last. I went to Wally World, got a good shopping cart with four good wheels and my checkout girl was gorgeous! That’s the truth!! Just the facts ma’am, as they used to say on that old T.V. program Dragnet with Jack Webb back in the 50s. I told ya I was an old guy!

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, valor is a virtue, and truthfulness is tedious but necessary. I’ll c y’all, all y’all. ❖

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