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August 11, 2014
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Mad Jack Hanks: Tales From The O-No Ranch 8-11-14

I received a cute snake story from Ross from down the road a ways.

He related how when he was a young man he helped a feller, an older gent, stack hay out of the field and then restack it in another location. This all took place in the foothills west of the O No. It seems that there were usually two hay trucks in the field getting loaded at the same time and then unloaded and stacked in a barn. Mr. Cope, the older gentleman came out to the hay field to see how the boys were getting along with stacking and moving hay. He apparently decided that he would jump in one of the trucks with one of the young bucks that was moving the hay and just observe how it was all going. Ross says that it wasn’t long before Mr. Cope bailed out of that truck and took off running to his pickup. It seems the young feller driving the truck ask Mr. Cope if he wanted to look in the glove box at the baby rattler that he had caught and put in there. Apparently not!

At coffee the other morning Eldon, one of my neighbors to the west, brought up the subject of rattlers. They have a large farm and ranch enterprise that covers lots and lots of ground. He related how he had warned a new employee not to just jump under any piece of downed equipment without taking a long and careful look for snakes. The fence crew had killed nine, count them nine, rattlers in a half mile!

I, myself, have not seen a rattler this year. If you remember last summer when old Clancy, the wonder dog, got snake bit, that same rattler that I looked for, over an hour without any luck, crawled right up beside my right foot when I went in the hay room. I think it must have been the same one. I dispatched him to snake heaven right away as I have done all rattlers that I have found around the house. I have found them at the mailbox, in my garage, my backyard, the corrals, and of course, in the pasture. If you remember we also had a horse bitten a couple of years before.

As a sidebar I received a letter from an older woman down in southern Colorado some time back telling me that if you would apply electricity by way of battery or hotshot to the bite area, it would cure it in a short time. Hummmmm? She also said she would never go to the doc if she got bit, just have someone run get the hotshot and work her over. She was serious, I ain’t makin’ this up. I know that just because I haven’t seen any rattlers around the house doesn’t mean that there are not any here. I didn’t see the one that crawled right up beside me last year and wouldn’t have even know that he was near unless he hadn’t made it a point to take a little walk (crawl) with me.

Well, tonight is dance night and I’m tired. I have been setting corner post for a new fence and digging the holes, yes, with a shovel, posthole diggers and a big chisel bar. The ground is still wet so it hasn’t been too bad, but bad enough for an old man. I do have a corner brace set and ready to go and no, of course, I’m not too tired to go dancin’ ... are you kiddin’ me?

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, find your redeeming qualities and flaunt them! I’ll c y’all, all y’all. ❖

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