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January 20, 2014
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Mad Jack Hanks: Tales From The O-NO Ranch 1-20-14

Women for sure are powerful creatures. We all know that. They were designed to be so. Women in today’s world are CEO’s of large corporations, firefighters, policewomen, surgeons, professors, fighter pilots, boxers, cage fighters, nurses, teachers and most of all, they are moms.

Has it always been that little girls and horses just seem to go together? I think it has. Women on the back of a horse are as capable, if not more in some cases, than their counterparts, us men. Most women, in my opinion, think more clearly in desperate situations, are quicker to calm down irate, out of control folks. That’s one reason that they are in law enforcement.

This morning I was watching the Sunday news program with George-step-on-all-of-us, hosted however by one Martha Radish. (Just wondering if she is a vegetarian?) Part of the discussion this morning was that only 20 percent of women held positions of high esteem in the corporate world. The general feeling was that maybe it should be more like 50 percent instead of only 20 percent.

Hummmm ... the thought then occurred to me that I wonder if only 20 percent of men are house husbands and take care of household duties? Do we want 50 percent of men staying home caring for the kids, buying the groceries, doing laundry and kissing the skinned up knees of the little ones. There are circumstances, in my humble opinion, where women, certain women, not only fit well, but need to be in positions where they call the shots as CEOs, etc. Mostly, I prefer that women in those positions have no children at home and maybe, just maybe would be happier if there was no husband at home to compete with. Most men just cannot comfort a sick or upset child like mom can. Women (not Larry the Cable Guy’s sister) were designed to be the caregivers. They are softer, more patient, better adapted to addressing certain problems that might arise in the home. On the ranch in Texas I always encouraged the cowboy’s wives and daughters, if they were capable and wanted to, help out with the cow working chores and help putting up hay and planting wheat. I always found them to be more patient, easier with livestock and observant when operating machines.

Yes, yes, I know that in today’s world it is required of women to work outside of the home and use baby sitters and day care centers so the family can survive. I give you praise always for your efforts. I know most of you would rather be there full time for your family but too much of the time, it just can’t be. As I have said before (one of my originals) God presented Eve to Adam and ask what she should be named, Adam in his excitement loudly quipped “WHOA MAN!” God replied, fine, we will call her woman. Love you girls, hang in there!!

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and remember to let freedom ring! I’ll c y’all, all y’all. ❖

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