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June 16, 2014
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Mad Jack Hanks: Tales From The O-NO Ranch 6-16-14

Gentle readers I remember reading an epitaph of a cowboy gunned down in one of our frontier towns. The feller’s name was Lester Moore. It read, “Lester Moore, shot six times with a 44, no Less no More!” Which is a lead into my thoughts and some furnished by the internet by way of a family member. In regards to the way we live today and the way we used to live when I was but mere children. Here we go:

Our phones, wireless; cooking, heatless; cars, keyless; food, fatless; tires, tubeless; dress, sleevless; youth, jobless; leaders, shameless; relationships, meaningless; attitudes, careless; babies, fatherless; feelings, heartless; education, valueless; children, mannerless; country, Godless. All of this, me thinks makes us at times speechless, and our government appears to be clueless and many times worthless! I do not by any stretch of the imagination find us hopeless and I don’t color myself blameless. I could do more than I do. I do vote each and every time and for the person, not the party that I feel is our best hope for redemption.

Of course y’all all know that not every child is mannerless or jobless in their youth. You also know that not all babies are fatherless or relationships meaningless.

I do think that our country is slipping into the abyss of being somewhat Godless on occasion, especially in our national media and in our entertainment via movies or the internet or television.

Our present administration I don’t think is totally clueless even though they give that distinct appearance too much of the time.

I have met and know so many young folks just out of college that find it almost impossible to find a job that resembles their degree from school. I danced with a young woman last night just out of school with a degree in elementary education and she was very concerned that she may not be able to find employment in the school system.

On and on we go eating fatless foods on tubeless tires in keyless cars and all of the above certailnly have a great deal of merit. We live in intresting times all the while watching a world around us that seems to be spinning totally out of control. We must all do our part to be better folks, set better examples not only in our behaviour but in our attitude. Right? Dang right I’m right! There are just too many folks with an air of expectancy that believe they should be taken care of without making a contribution to the society in which they live. I’m tired of that B.S. and it won’t change until we begin to play hardball with the loafers in today’s world and some around the world that now find us weak and vulnerable. Just be a good scout and always Be Prepared.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, always vote and I’ll c y’all, all y’all. ❖

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