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Glenwood Springs, Colorado CO

GOP’s only interest: tossing out Obama Republicans claim that this terrible economy is Obama’s fault because he hasn’t fixed it in three years. Let’s do a recheck. Republicans under Clinton and Bush passed laws that opened the doors for Wall Street money guys (also known as gamblers) to play with our money any way they chose. They misinformed, they hid information, they executed clever shell games, and when the music stopped, the money was gone. Republicans convinced Congress that a federal bailout of Wall Street was necessary, or hell on earth was imminent. Republicans bailed out Wall Street. Obama was elected, and because Wall Street’s so-called economic wizards failed their final exam, a general stimulus package to all of us was necessary to get the money moving again. But the Republicans in Congress did not, and do not, want any success to come out of the Obama presidency, because their highest priority is making sure he is a one-term president. They don’t care who they hurt - they and their rich friends can ride above the quagmire the rest of us are in. They don’t care if the good of the nation is ruined under their tenure, as long as Obama is a one-term president. I have no doubt they would have mounted the same campaign if Hillary were president. They care about themselves, and themselves only. Do not be misled in the next months about who is fault for the economy not recovering. Do not be misled about their concern for us little people. In spite of the Republicans’ considerable campaign to thwart the country, the economy has improved a bit under Obama’s leadership. It doesn’t take much imagination to see where we could be if Obama wins and we give him a Congress that takes the national good as their highest priority. Seek good information, do not rely on advertisements (just follow the money), and stop watching the lies on Fox News. Be smart. Act smart. Vote smart. Susan Rhea Glenwood Springs

Obama placing blame on others 2009 Obama: What’s wrong with the economy? Obama says it’s Bush’s fault. 2010 Obama: What’s wrong with the economy? Obama says it’s Bush’s fault. No wait, it’s big banks’ fault. No, no, it’s Wall Street’s fault. 2011 Obama: What’s wrong with the economy? Obama says it’s Bush’s fault. No it’s the earthquake in Japan’s fault. No wait, it’s the rich people’s fault. Well maybe it’s the unrest in the Middle East’s fault. It could be the economy in Europe’s fault. 2012 Obama: What’s wrong with the economy? Obama says it’s Bush’s fault. It’s the European economy’s fault. It’s the real estate market’s fault. It’s big bank’s fault. It’s the rich people’s fault. It’s Wall Street’s fault. No. I’m sure it’s Bush’s fault. Well, it’s not my fault. If Obama gets re-elected, will he finally blame himself? He sounds like a school kid who blames everybody else for spilling the paint instead of the adult who would just clean it up and move on. Do we really want a cry baby for president? Steven Elmore Rifle

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