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A & B Cattle Company

Lot 1 A & B Jet Black 0167 tops the sale at $30,000.

TFP Rep: Drew Feller

Date of Sale: 04/01/2021

Location: Bassett, NE

Auctioneer: Seth Weisharr

Attending the A & B Cattle Company sale in Bassett, Neb. Photo by Drew Feller


24 Older Angus Bulls averaged $6,396

106 Yearling Angus Bulls averaged $5,962

130 Total Angus Bulls averaged $6,042

Top Bulls:

Lot 1 at $30,000 was A & B Jet Black 0167, DOB: 02/14/20; SIRE: Bar R Jet Black 5063; MGS: Freeburg Final Anwer 838a. He sold to Express Ranches of Yukon, OK.

Lot 12 at $13,500 was A & B Gold Rush 0265, DOB: 02/20/20; SIRE: EZ Gold Rush 6001; MGS: G A R Prophet. He sold to Scherbenske Angus Ranch of Lehr, ND.

Lot 120 at $13,000 was A & B Enhance 9550, DOB: 08/29/19: SIRE: Sydgen Enhance; MGS:EF Complement 8088. He sold to Barry Lammer of Atkinson, NE.

Lot 13 at $11,500 was A & B Gold Rush 0341, DOB: 02/28/20: SIRE: EZ Gold Rush 6001; MGS: Sitz Dash 10277. He sold to Open Box Livestock of Valentine, NE.

Lot 99 at $11,000 was A & B Advantage 0359, DOB: 03/01/20: SIRE: Sterling Advantage 809; MGS: S Whitlock 179. He sold to Larry and Donita Boska of Spencer, NE.

Lot 11 at 10,5000 was A & B Gold Rush 0264, DOB: 02/20/20: SIRE: EZ Gold Rush 6001; MGS: Baldridge Waylon W34. He sold to Jake Maurer of Basset, NE.

Lot 131 at $10,500 was A & B Playbook 9571, DOB: 9/1/19: SIRE: Tex Playbook 5437; MGS: McD Uno 3563. He sold to Dave Fisher of Naper, NE.


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