Barstow Angus |

Barstow Angus

Great attendance at the Barstow Angus Sale in Springview Neb.

TFP Rep: Drew Feller

Date of Sale: 02/04/2021

Location: Springview, NE

Auctioneer: Greg Goggins


93 Yearling Angus Bulls averaged $5,293


Top Bulls:

Lot 32 at $13,000 was Barstow Southern Charm H123, DOB: 03/24/20; SIRE: BUBS Southern Charm AA31; MGS: CAR Efficient 534. He sold to Krebs Ranch of Gordon, NE.

Lot 53 at $10,000 was Barstow Incredible H74, DOB: 02/13/20; SIRE: Panther Creek Incredible 6704; MGS: Barstow Final Answer W74. He sold to Graff Ranch of Ainsworth, NE.

Lot 30 at $10,000 was Barstow Detail H94, DOB: 02/17/20: SIRE: Koupals B&B Detail 7070; MGS: Barstow Cash. He sold to Jake Maurer of Bassett, NE.

Lot 19 at $9,500 was Barstow Powerpoint H56, DOB: 02/11/20: SIRE: S Powerpoint WS 5503; MGS: Barstow Bankroll B73. He sold to Chad Ludeman of Springview, NE.

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