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Minert-Simonson Angus

A powerful set of yearling bulls at Minert-Simonson Angus. Photo by Drew Feller

TFP Rep: Drew Feller

Date of Sale: 02/20/2021

Location: Dunning, NE

Auctioneer: Joe Goggins

Shaina and Jaylee Simonson at the family's annual bull sale in Dunning, Neb. Photo by Drew Feller


102 Yearling Angus Bulls averaged $7,159


Top Bulls:

Lot 42 at $20,000 was Simonson Achievement 120, DOB: 01/16/2020; SIRE: Poss Achievement; MGS: HF Who’s That 7A. He sold to Straka Ranch of Stuart, NE.

Lot 98 at $14,500 was Simonson Maverick 460, DOB: 2/7/2020; SIRE: Poss Maverick; MGS: AAR High Five 8563. He sold to John Zutavern of Broken Bow, NE.

Lot 5 at $11,250 was Simonson Steamboat 1120, DOB: 2/21/2020; SIRE: TK Steamboat D307; MGS: HF Who’s That 7A. He sold to Clay Kuchera of Bassett, NE.

Lot 37 at $11,000 was Simonson Coalition 1960; DOB: 2/21/2020; SIRE: U-2 Coalition 206C; MGS: Barstow Cash. He sold to Roger and Rhonda Stewart of Dunning, NE.

Lot 103 at $11,000 was Simonson Blackout 1190, DOB: 2/24/2020; SIRE: Jindra Blackout; MGS: AAR High Five 8863. He sold to J.H. Minor Company of Hyannis, NE.

The Minert-Simonson Angus Sale was held in Dunning, Neb. Photo by Drew Feller


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