Schmidt Cattle Company

Randy and Marj Schmidt with son Kyle and Claire Schmidt, and granddaughter Eloise at the sale. Photo by Drew Feller

TFP Rep: Drew Feller

Date of Sale: 03/31/2021

Location: Rushville, NE

Auctioneer: Seth Weisharr

Terry Raabe of Norfolk, Neb., and Adam Johnson of Cody, Neb., buying Charolais bulls at Schmidt Cattle Company. Photo by Drew Feller


74 Yearling Charolais Bulls Averaged $6,554

Top Sellers:

Lot 19H at $25,000 was SCC Tioga 19H PLD, DOB: 3/2/2020; SIRE: LT Tioga 4090 PLD; MGS: WC Net Return 5221 P. He sold to Doll Charolais, New Salem, ND.

Lot 17H at $18,000 was SCC Patriot 17H Pld, DOB: 3/22020; SIRE: LT patriot 4004 PLD; MGS: HCR Credit 416 PLD. He sold to Zeisler Charolais, Butte, NE.

Lot 44H at $15,000 was SCC Affinity 44H PLD, DOB: 3/6/2020; SIRE: LT Affinity 6221 PLD; MGS: TR PZC NC Crossfire 1793 ET. He sold to Denny Hulm, Meadow, SD.

Lot 64H at $11,000 was SCC Tioga 64H, DOB: 3/10/2020; SIRE: LT Tioga 4090 PLD; MGS: ZKCC Champ 611D. He sold to Eggleston Charolais, Wessington, SD.

Lot 73H at $9,500 was SCC Jesse James 73H, DOB: 3/11/2020; SIRE: EC Jesse James 237 PLD; MGS: RAILE J837 A005. He sold to Stout Charolais, Kadoka, SD.

Lot 79H at $9,500 was SCC Resource 79H, DOB: 3/12/2020; SIRE: WC Resurgence 6165 P ET; ; MGS: RAILE J837 A005. He sold to Mark Williams, Kadoka, SD.


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