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2002 Beef Cook-Off held

by Pat Hansen

Avon, Mont.

A mouth-watering, delicately flavored Four-Pepper Beef Tenderloin roast smothered in sauteed mushrooms was the winning entree at the 2002 Beef Cook-off held at Powell County High School in Deer Lodge, Mont., on Tuesday, April 23. Prepared by Nena Anderson, Eric Woodward and Rachel Dougherty, the roast was served as a special dinner entree with lace tablecloth, white and pastel floral china, matching rose-colored cloth napkins and silverware.

Runners up were Katie Boese and Brian Witt, who prepared Rosarita Enchiladas and served their “Taste of Mexico” at a festive table with red cloth, pepper design napkins and accessories.

Beef Sirloin Stir Fry Fettuccini was the third place winner prepared by Nick Navarro, Kory Boggess and JC Sykes.

The fourth place winners (tie) were Tex-Mex Smoky Beef Chili Hash prepared by Kory Johnson and Eddy Newman; and Black Pepper Beef Stir Fry by Jonathan Blanche, Jessi Miller and Steve Smith.

Twenty-two students participated in the 12th annual beef cook-off sponsored by the Clark Fork CattleWomen. Each year the cook-off is the climax of a beef unit taught by Family and Consumer Science teacher Trish Anderson to her Foods III students.

During the three-week course the students learn identification of various beef cuts, cooking techniques and nutrition.

“We give a lot a credit to Trish for all her efforts on behalf of the students and the beef industry. She does a great job,” said CattleWoman president Betty Hadley.

The Clark Fork CattleWomen began holding beef cook-offs in 1967, but after a lapse of several years the group reorganized in 1979, and since 1980 they have sponsored the annual cook-off at the high school. The Clark Fork CattleWomen are the only local in Montana that continues to sponsor high school cook-offs; all others are adult contests.

Today, second generation students were participating: as Kyla Sager and her teammates prepared Hawaiian Marinated Steaks on Skewers; Kyla’s mother, Sharon Bishop Sager, won second place in 1972 with a Frosted Meatloaf.

Until this year, each of the students prepared an entree, but Mrs. Anderson said that it had become chaotic with so many students trying to prepare dishes at the six cook centers in the classroom kitchen, so it was decided that it would be easier if the students worked in teams of two or three. The students selected and prepared their recipes as a team. The chosen recipes included family favorites, some from cookbooks, but several of the students selected recipes from the Internet at http://www.beeftips.com.

The student’ entries were judged on: serving size (4 oz. per serving), appearance of table setting, appropriateness of serving platter and utensils, appealing presentation, palatability (beef cooked to desired doneness, tenderness, flavors of other ingredients compliment beef), preparation (correct cooking method used), use of readily available ingredients, and ingredients used in a unique and creative way.

The Clark Fork CattleWomen provided money to purchase beef for the cook-off and cash prizes for the winners.

“We continue to hold the cook-offs because we feel it is an important function for the students,” said Hadley. “It’s something we all enjoy sharing with the kids, and they seem to enjoy doing it. At the same time they’re learning the importance of eating a well-rounded diet that includes beef.”

Judges for the event were Deer Lodge mayor, Jim Magone; county superintendent of schools, Jules Waber; and CattleWoman representative Jan Bender, who is also the owner of Valley Foods IGA.