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2010 La Junta Farm Days, March 19-21

Paul R. PackChuck Bailey of Pagosa Springs, Colo., uses Suffolks, four abreast to pull a disc at the LaJunta Plow Days.

We often bring you articles about Draft Horse Shows, from the county fair level to the State Fair and then on the NWSS Show, but not all Drafts strut their stuff in the arena. Some are quite content to pull a manure spreader, a plow, a disc or just an ordinary wagon. No thunderous applause, no flashing cameras, just folks working a team the old fashion way, in the field.

This is what you will find March 19-21 at Delbert Jones’ farm near La Junta, Colo., just north of town, across the Arkansas River on some good bottom land. Delbert along with a cast of thousands, have hosted the Farm Days off and on for more than 27 years according the local newspaper. “We started attending somewhere in the early ’80s,” says Delbert.

Lousy weather has been the only interruption over the years – a real problem anytime an event is scheduled for early spring.

Saturday evening will feature a pig roast, actually they bury it for 24 hours covered with coals, you talk about tender! They are inviting all guitar players to bring instruments for a little jamming Saturday night. They also need a blacksmith to run a forge and a dutch oven cook or two.

It is always a good time, everyone is welcome, there is no real structure here, things just seem to happen all by themselves.

For more information please call Delbert at (719) 384-2700, he is a true renaissance man, harness maker, farmer, farrier and a chuckwagon cook. If you like farm teams at work, you will like this event.

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