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2010 NWSS Draft Horse Show

Paul R. Pack
Colorado Draft Horse Assn.
Paul R. Pack"Harley Troyer of Ft. Lupton, CO, triumphs in the Farm Team Class."

You have read elsewhere in the Fence Post about the outstanding weather that this year’s National Western Stock Show enjoyed, that attendance was down just 1.5 percent from 2009 and everything was just great. Well, that carried through the last weekend of the show for the Draft Horse and Mule Show at the Events Center.

The All-American Six-up finals were here and the entries in the farm classes continue to increase, so the show continues to be very successful under Horse Show Manager Lara Richards and Draft Director Dennis Kuehl. Some additional classes were added, including a Log Skid on Thursday, normally a day used only for Halter Classes and added Six-up competition to accommodate the All-American National Championship. The series requires three performances by the 12 entrants before a different judge each time and then the cumulative scores are tabulated to decide the overall winner, the equivalent of winning the Super Bowl. Dick Sparrow of Zehring, Iowa, the most famous and leading guru for draft horse competition, said the 12 teams presented at the show were the best he had ever seen in a class. He has competed in, performed in, or attended every Draft Show at the Stock Show during his 80 years. These Six-up classes were in addition to the regular Open Six-up Class.

The farm team classes, especially the Feed Team Race, continue to be crowd pleasers as they are performed during the Ticketed Performances, culminating in the finals on Sunday.

There were 13 Eight-Up hitches in the Arena on Sunday, the largest number ever for the Stock Show, according to Dennis Kuehl, of Longmont, Colo.

The best and easiest way to get results for the Draft Show is to go to the NWSS Web site and click on show results.

One final note, Harley Troyer of Fort Lupton, Colo., just missed a triple play by winning the Farm Team, Farm Team Obstacle and placing second in the Feed Team Race to Greg Kearns of Elizabeth, Colo. Less than a second decided the outcome.

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