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2011 Big Thunder and the NWSS Shows

January 2011, again brings us two great opportunities to see some of the best big hitches from around the country in two consecutive weekends beginning January 14, at the Big Thunder Draft Show at the Ranch, the Larimer County Fairgrounds near Loveland, Colo. That show starts Friday evening and continues through Sunday with mostly Performance classes each day with a Farm team race set for Sunday. This year’s show is organized by a triad of committee members, Jack Taylor and Dennis Kuehl of the Northern Chapter and Abby Powell, from the Ranch Management Staff. This is a nice facility as the teams are housed in the same building as the Arena, making it very convenient and warm. Don Langille is the Judge and will be looking at the same hitches that will be at the NWSS except for two that have conflicts. The Farm Team Race will have qualifying heats Sunday morning with the finals in the afternoon.

It is a real opportunity for fans to OD on Drafts in a very short period of time, well worth the time to travel to Loveland, for the weekend. There are some lodging deals available, check their web site http://www.BigThunderShow.com.

The NWSS is again hosting the All America Classic Six Horse Hitch National finals that includes 11 Hitches vying for the Championship. A total of 18 hitches are scheduled to appear, the other seven will compete in the open hitch classes along with Classic entries. The Classic Hitches will make three separate appearances in front of three Judges, Allen Freitag, Hobo Sound, Fla., Make Barie, East Bethany, N.Y., and Ross Hansberger, Bellview, Mich. Each Judges placings will be quantified and a total score will determine the winner on Sunday afternoon. The hitches in the Classic include Ames, Express, Rowe (Flat Rock), Gunville (Wilderness Ridge), Jackson Fork, Lipsitt, McLaughlin, Messenger, Paradice, Shining Star, and   T Star. The others are Blue Ribbon, Black Hollow, Gustafson, Hilton, Knecht, Solomon, and Yoder.

Dennis Kuehl, Draft Show Director, says the Farm Class entries closed out very fast with 26 working teams entered. The Feed team entries were filled by November 1.

The Halter Classes begin January 20, remember that those classes have been unified and are no longer broken down by breeds. The Log Skid class starts Thursday as well. For the complete breakdown on class schedules, we would suggest going to the NWSS web site. While you are there, take a look a our Weber Farm Wagon that will be on display along with a stagecoach in area south of the Paddock area.