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2017 UNL High Plains Ag Lab June Field Day set for June 21

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln High Plains Ag Lab Field Day, scheduled for Wednesday, June 21, will highlight UNL research on dryland crops, especially field pea, winter wheat and forages.

Registration begins at 7:45 a.m. at the High Plains Ag Lab shop. Tour trailers will depart for the field at 8:30 a.m. Following the field tours, lunch will be served. Tour topics and speakers include:

Wheat Population/Planting Date (Cody Creech, UNL dryland cropping systems specialist, and Tyler Taylor, grad student)

Gibberellic Acid to Enhance Wheat (Cody Creech, UNL)

Wheat Fungicide Application Timing (Cody Creech, UNL, and Stephen Wegulo, UNL plant pathologist)

Wheat Streak Mosaic Virus (Gary Hein, UNL doctor of plant health program)

Wheat Stem Sawfly Update (Jeff Bradshaw, UNL Extension entomology specialist)

Field Pea Herbicide Trials (Cody Creech, UNL)

Grazing Annual Forages (Mitch Stephenson, UNL forage and range management specialist)

Field Pea Variety Trial (Dipak Santra, UNL alternative crops breeding specialist)

Field Pea in Cattle Diets (Karla Jenkins, UNL cow-calf and range management specialist)

Wheat Breeding and Variety Testing (Stephen Baenziger, UNL wheat breeder)

To get to the High Plains Ag Lab office, take U.S. 385 to the Huntsman Elevator (6 miles north of Sidney or 7 miles south of Gurley), then drive about 2 miles west, then one-half mile north. The shop is about one-half mile east of the office.