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2017 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo Results – Round 6


Stock ContractorStock NamePrize Money
61/2Clayton Biglow88.00Frontier RodeoNight Fist$23,480.77
61/2JR Vezain88.00Pickett Pro RodeoScarlet Belle$23,480.77
63Orin Larsen85.50J Bar JBeyond Bugs$15,653.85
64Jake Vold85.00Summit Pro RodeoRevolving Door$11,000.00
65/6Richmond Champion84.00Calgary StampedeYou See Me$5,500.00
65/6Tanner Aus84.00Calgary StampedeTootsie Roll$5,500.00
6Tim O’Connell81.50Four Star RodeoShort Fuse$0.00
6Caleb Bennett81.50Frontier RodeoCrazy Eyes$0.00
6Ty Breuer77.00Kesler Championship RodeoOakridge$0.00
6R.C. Landingham77.00Harry Vold RodeoSun Glow$0.00
6Steven Dent73.50Frontier RodeoTimes Up$0.00
6Wyatt Denny72.50Brookman RodeoContinental Drift$0.00
6Mason Clements70.00Kesler RodeoStreet Dance$0.00
6Bill Tutor70.00Kesler RodeoIllegal Smile$0.00
6Jake BrownCPickett Pro RodeoTopped Off$0.00


Steer Wrestling

Stock ContractorStock NamePrize Money
61Baylor Roche3.60$26,230.77
62Ty Erickson3.80$20,730.77
63/4/5Tyler Waguespack3.90$11,141.02
63/4/5Dakota W Eldridge3.90$11,141.02
63/4/5Nick Guy3.90$11,141.02
66Tanner Milan4.00$4,230.77
6Jon Ragatz4.10$0.00
6J.D. Struxness4.30$0.00
6Olin Hannum4.40$0.00
6Rowdy Parrott5.20$0.00
6Kyle Irwin6.20$0.00
6Tyler Pearson6.30$0.00
6Chason Floyd9.50$0.00
6Scott Guenthner13.80$0.00
6Ryle SmithC$0.00


Team Roping (Headers)

Stock ContractorStock NamePrize Money
61/2Cody Snow3.70$23,480.77
61/2Riley Minor3.70$23,480.77
63Clay Tryan3.80$15,653.85
64Jr. Dees3.90$11,000.00
65/6/6Erich Rogers4.10$3,666.66
65/6/6Kaleb Driggers4.10$3,666.66
65/6/6Garrett Rogers4.10$3,666.66
6Charly Crawford4.30$0.00
6Coleman Proctor4.70$0.00
6Dustin Egusquiza4.90$0.00
6Luke Brown5.00$0.00
6Chad Masters6.20$0.00
6Clay Smith12.50$0.00
6Tom RichardsC$0.00
6Dustin BirdC$0.00


Team Roping (Heelers)

Stock ContractorStock NamePrize Money
61/2Wesley Thorp3.70$23,480.77
61/2Brady Minor3.70$23,480.77
63Jade Corkill3.80$15,653.85
64Tyler McKnight3.90$11,000.00
65/6/6Cory Petska4.10$3,666.66
65/6/6Junior Nogueira4.10$3,666.66
65/6/6Jake Minor4.10$3,666.66
6Joseph Harrison4.30$0.00
6Billie Jack Saebens4.70$0.00
6Kory Koontz4.90$0.00
6Jake Long5.00$0.00
6Travis Graves6.20$0.00
6Paul Eaves12.50$0.00
6Jeremy BuhlerC$0.00
6Russell CardozaC$0.00


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Saddle Bronc Riding

Stock ContractorStock NamePrize Money
61Ryder Wright89.00The Cervi Brothers Rodeo2 Cookies$26,230.77
62Brody Cress88.50Pete Carr’s Classic Pro RodeoBig Tex$20,730.77
63Jesse Wright86.00Sutton RodeosSouth Point$15,653.85
64/5Layton Green85.50Pete Carr Pro RodeoCool Runnings$8,884.61
64/5Sterling Crawley85.50Sankey Pro Rodeo & Robinson BullsMarquee$8,884.61
66Heith Allan DeMoss84.50Rafter G RodeoLow Bucks$4,230.77
6Clay Elliott83.50Powder River RodeoMiss Chestnut$0.00
6Zeke Thurston83.50Frontier RodeoPopcicle$0.00
6Jacobs Crawley83.50Cervi Championship RodeoHATitude Alpha Dog$0.00
6Hardy Braden81.50Outlawbuckers RodeoLunatic Party$0.00
6Taos Muncy81.50The Cervi Brothers RodeoVitalix Hell’s Fire Hostage$0.00
6Cody DeMoss78.00Dakota RodeoBridal Showers$0.00
6CoBurn Bradshaw77.00Kesler RodeoNavajo Sun$0.00
6Jake Wright75.50Korkow RodeosBad Onion$0.00
6Audy Reed72.00Calgary StampedeTimely Delivery$0.00


Tie-Down Roping

Stock ContractorStock NamePrize Money
61Marty Yates6.90$26,230.77
62/3Marcos Costa7.40$18,192.31
62/3Caleb Smidt7.40$18,192.31
64Cade Swor7.70$11,000.00
65Timber Moore7.90$6,769.23
66Ryan Jarrett8.00$4,230.77
6Cory Solomon8.20$0.00
6Tuf Cooper8.40$0.00
6Randall Carlisle8.60$0.00
6J.C. Malone9.80$0.00
6Cooper Martin10.10$0.00
6Shane Hanchey10.30$0.00
6Trevor BrazileC$0.00
6Tyson DurfeyC$0.00
6Matt ShiozawaC$0.00


Barrel Racing

Stock ContractorStock NamePrize Money
61Hailey Kinsel13.49$26,230.77
62Tiany Schuster13.52$20,730.77
63Tillar Murray13.63$15,653.85
64Taci Bettis13.72$11,000.00
65/6/6Ivy Conrado13.74$3,666.66
65/6/6Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi13.74$3,666.66
65/6/6Stevi Hillman13.74$3,666.66
6Sydni Blanchard13.77$0.00
6Lisa Lockhart13.84$0.00
6Nellie Miller13.93$0.00
6Kassie Mowry13.96$0.00
6Kathy Grimes14.15$0.00
6Amberleigh Moore18.73$0.00
6Kimmie Wall19.10$0.00
6Kellie Collier19.50$0.00


Bull Riding

Stock ContractorStock NamePrize Money
61Trey Benton III92.50Rocky Mountain RodeoBomb Pop$27,076.92
62Sage Steele Kimzey86.00Honeycutt RodeoBraggin Rights$21,576.92
63Jordan Hansen84.50Beutler & Son RodeoEl Diablo$16,500.00
64Cole Melancon83.50Frontier RodeoAfter All$11,846.15
65Roscoe Jarboe71.00Pickett Pro RodeoUndercover$7,615.38
6Tim BinghamCLancaster & Jones Pro RodeoBandit$0.00
6Jordan Wacey SpearsCPete Carr’s Classic Pro RodeoSmash Mouth$0.00
6Joe FrostCMo Betta RodeoOh-No$0.00
6Garrett SmithCLancaster & Jones Pro RodeoSuper Villian$0.00
6Ty WallaceCBeutler & Son RodeoRecord Rack’s Lumberjack$0.00
6Boudreaux CampbellCRafter H Rodeo LivestockSomethings Gotta Give$0.00
6Guthrie MurrayCBig Stone Rodeo IncMortimer$0.00
6Trevor ReisteCRafter G RodeoBlitzkrieg Bop$0.00
6Brennon EldredINJHurst Pro RodeoRio$0.00
6Dustin BowenCBridwell Pro RodeoCrazy Enough$0.00

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