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2019 Rocky Mountain Horse Expo

Story and photos by Lincoln Rogers
for The Fence Post
The Rocky Mountain High Performance Equestrian Vaulters displayed their skills before the crowd during Saturday night's Mane Event at the 2019 Rocky Mountain Horse Expo at the National Western Center in Denver.

The Rocky Mountain Horse Expo started off as the Colorado Horse Fair back in 1992 and it has grown into what it is today.

“It is one of those events where we are all inclusive of English, western riding, all kinds of activities,” said Bill Scebbi, CEO and executive director of the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo. “We have donkeys, we have mules, we have burros and we have zebras here this year. So it is kind of fun.”

While it is just around the corner on the calendar from the National Western Stock Show, the horse expo’s focus is more tightly centered on the horse and everything that goes with it. Along with artwork, shopping, entertainment and competitions, there was also the well-known featured speaker of Dr. Temple Grandin.

“People should come to the Horse Expo because they enjoy horses, No. 1,” said Scebbi. “Those that own horses should come because they can learn so much more about horses, how to feed them, how to care for them, how to train them, how to buy them, how to sell them, the business aspects involved with the equine industry and things like that. The equine enthusiast should come because we offer art and entertainment and really give people a view of what the horse industry is all about.”

“The expo provides a capsule of everything in the horse industry,” Scebbi said. “I don’t know of any diverse (horse) activity that is not represented here at the expo.” ❖

— Rogers is a freelance writer and photographer located east of Parker, Colo. He can be reached at lincoln@lincolnrogers.com or you can find him on Facebook at Official Lincoln Rogers Writing & Photography Page.