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30×30 plan cannot be ignored

Race riots, mass shootings, sex trafficking, overcrowding at the southern border, homelessness, hunger, a deadly pandemic, children not being educated in many states, drought conditions in most of the western half of the U.S., not to mention serious tensions between the U.S. and several countries, including Russia and China.

But what is the federal government more concerned about? Owning more land in the U.S.

According to a letter to the editor written by Karen Budd-Falen an attorney at Budd-Falen Law Offices, LLC, “Even though it won’t make the nightly news, federal agencies are already implementing this “Biden vision.” On Feb. 11, 2021, the acting secretary of the interior signed an order eliminating the Trump Administration’s requirement for state and local government approval prior to the federal government’s acquisition of more private lands with moneys from the Land and Water Conservation Fund. Shockingly, that order claimed that allowing local governments to have a voice in land acquisition directly impacting their counties “undermined” the program. While LWCF moneys are touted as being used to “secure public access and improve recreational opportunities,” the money can also be used to acquire private lands into federal ownership.” We printed the full letter from Budd-Falen on page 20.

The federal government can’t manage traffic at our southern border, how are they going to manage another 440 million acres of land?

Budd-Falen’s opinion piece points out the urgent need for farmers and ranchers to start paying more attention to Biden’s 30×30 plan and to find out just what it means for agriculture in this country. Our legislators and ag groups in Washington need to demand answers from the Biden Administration.

We keep hearing about how producers have to be free to continue feeding the world’s growing population and in the next breath they want to take millions of acres of land out of production.

And as Budd-Falen said we can’t count on the mainstream media to be of any help whatsoever. They are more concerned with the president’s dogs and his choice of ice cream flavors.

So it’s up to the agricultural community to get their voices heard, contact your legislators, talk to media about the issue armed with solid arguments against the plan, let non-agricultural people know about the issue in the simplest terms possible and make people understand that protecting the future of the planet does not rest on farting cows and agricultural practices. People need to look around them and decide for themselves what is causing climate change. Is it large cities filled with concrete, asphalt, swimming pools, golf courses and factories or is it the countryside with field crops, gravel roads and pasturelands?



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