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4-H Club News 1-18-10

Dean Van Winkle
Mesa County 4-H Reporter

On Jan. 2, 2010, Mesa County 4-H Executive Council went to Montrose, Colo., for a retreat to plan budget, events and review some proposed by-law changes.

The Mesa County Executive Council members are Kevin Meyers, president; Cody Vonfeldt, vice president; Calvin O’Banion, secretary; Jake O’Banion, treasurer; Britteny Hudson, historian; Dean Van Winkle, reporter; Anna Fasken and Shawn Haas, senators; Kyle Warren and Katie O’Banion, alternate senators; and Hope Pfalzgraf, fair board representative.

The members, along with the adult advisers, drove to Montrose to meet with the other Tri River Area Executive 4-H Councils at Friendship Hall. First, they met with the individual counties, then they attended workshops on event planning, achieving goals and leadership.

During individual county time, the group proposed some by-law changes regarding officer elections for next year. They assigned clubs for each executive officer to visit and relay information from the Council. This person is someone for the clubs to contact if they have a question. Mesa County 4-H Clubs should contact the Extension Office at (970) 244-1835 to get the name of the officer assigned to their club if they have questions or have not heard from executive group.

After dinner, they played dodgeball and went bowling. This event allowed everyone on the Mesa County 4-H Executive Committee to get to know each other better. The Tri River Area 4-H Councils were able to get acquainted as well and get ideas from each other. The trip home was long, but the day was worth it!

The regular meetings of the Mesa County 4-H Council are held the second Wednesday of every month in the Community Building at the Mesa County Fairgrounds. All Mesa County 4-H members and leaders are invited to attend and participate.

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