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4-H Club News 2-15-10

Running Creek 4-H club

On Feb. 1, the Running Creek 4-H club was called together. Mr. Gene Rittenhaus came to talk to us about sending things to Iraq. Some of the things can be DVDs, books, things to remind the soldiers of home. We will bring these items to the March meeting.

There are a few community service projects going on. On March 15, we are going to provide breakfast for the Ronald McDonald House. Everyone is welcome to go the Ronald McDonald House to help serve breakfast. At this meeting we are also going to have the choice of writing a letter to a service person or making a Valentine card for the local senior citizens.

We had two demonstrations presented. One was a cake decorating demonstration where the member showed what happens in Unit 1 of Cake Decorating and how to decorate a cupcake that the cloverbuds are eligible to show at fair. The idea of having demonstrations done for the cloverbuds only is so that they can get a more hands on approach to what 4-H has to offer. The other demonstration was done for the older members. The topic was Working Ranch Horse. The member showed us her bridle and rope, and gave us information on what you do in this class.

In April there is going to be a gala for families and more information is coming soon. Dates to remember: Leaders training at 8:15 for new leaders and 9:15 am for all leaders on February 6, in the exhibit hall, Beef weigh-in February 27 from 7- 10:30 a.m., our next club meeting is March 1 at 7 p.m. Any questions or comments, please email RunningCreek4_H@yahoo .com.

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