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4-H Club News 4-26-10

Host families are needed for 65 inbound Japanese boys and girls, ages 12-21, coming to Colorado through the 2010 inbound Colorado-Japan Teen Exchange. Hosting dates are July 23 through August 18.

This program is coordinated through Colorado State University Extension and has been running since 1975.

Host families do not need to be a member of 4-H and may reside in urban, suburban, or rural settings throughout Colorado. They may share a room with their host sibling. Matches are made on the basis of same sex and close in age, as well as some common interests. Note: Host siblings may be as young as nine to match with a 12 year old Japanese participant. The greatest success occurs when families treat the delegates as a member of the family, rather than a “guest.”

All participants are 100 percent medically covered with 4-H insurance and may participate in host family vacations, camping trips, youth camps. They are expected to become part of the family, including attending church, helping with household chores, following house rules, and participating in other aspects of U.S. daily life. The program covers costs for the exchange. Each participant has his/her own spending money.

Japanese participants will attend an orientation in Denver before going to host families and a debriefing in Denver before returning to Japan. Orientation for host families is done in Denver.

Host siblings have the option of traveling to Japan to participate in a four or seven-week exchange while staying with Japanese host families and learning Japanese culture.

The 4-H Youth-Development Program is the informal youth education component of Colorado State University Extension.

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