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4-H Club News 6-21-10

Good Luck 4-H Club

Colorado is celebrating 100 years of 4-H. Along with that celebration the Good Luck 4-H Club of Adams County is also celebrating their 75th Anniversary. There may be other 4-H clubs in the state that were started prior to 1935, but few have remained in existence, without a break during the last 75 years.

Originally the Good Luck 4-H Club, under the leadership of Mr. Burke, a local school teacher, met in homes in the Eastlake Colorado area and included children from the local farms and the small town. Later the small club under the direction of Mrs. Eva Foster and Mr. Oscar Dillner grew to a larger size, where they were in need of a larger meeting place. The old “General Store” in Eastlake was purchased and used as the home of the Good Luck 4-H Club. Eventually the General Store was no longer suitable for a club house and the existing Good Luck Building located at the Adams County Regional Park and Fair grounds was built to house the active and growing club. Today the club which continues to thrive includes children from all parts of Adams County as well as neighboring counties.

The Good Luck 4-H club during the past 75 years, has touched the lives of hundreds of children and thousands of community member, while under the leadership of various organizational leaders, including, Gladys Reinking, Sharon and Dick Carlson, Ed Durland and Deanna Durland, Virginia (Cundall) Halligan, Willey Goss and Deanne Goss, Bill and Deanne Wright, John and Jimnetta Brassington, and current leader Gloria Cundall.

This September the Good Luck 4-H Club would like to recognize those past and former members, leaders and friends of the club at a 75th Anniversary Diamond Jubilee Celebration honoring the club and the 4-H program.

If you are a former member, leader, parent, associate, or friend of the Good Luck 4-H Club or if you were in another 4-H club and would like to join in on the celebration, please contact leader Gloria Cundall at (303) 659-5559 or by e-mail at GCundall@msn.com to obtain more information on the upcoming celebration.