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4-H Club News 7-12-10

Morgan County 4-H members and leaders recently hosted 15 4-H members, three adult volunteer leaders and one extension agent from Tompkins County, New York. This is the first year of a two-year 4-H exchange program with Tompkins County, New York.

4-H exchange programs help 4-H members develop knowledge of other people and their way of life, foster initiative and independence of youth, help youth gain a deeper insight into one’s own values, create and foster a spirit of understanding and appreciation of other’s heritage, customs and other cultural factors. 4-H members learn about other areas of our nation, and create new and perhaps, lasting friendships.

Youth planned a combination of family and group days. New York 4-H members arrived on the train on Monday, June 28 and left on Monday, July 5. On the day devoted to local tours, they visited Graff’s Turf Farm, Badger Creek Farm, and learned about irrigating. Youth traveled to Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National, attended a Colorado Rockies game, and participated in the 4th of July activities in Brush including designing and riding a float in the parade. Participants from New York were 4-H members: Ella Bard, Olivia Barton, Carolyn Eggleston, Hannah Grimm, Erik Jorgensen, Rogan Moore, Morgan Moore, Laura McEnerney, Tamrie Oliver, Rosemary Roenke, Sarajane Roenke, Lydia Shem, Abbie Teeter, Troy Uhler and Wyatt Uhler. 4-H volunteers chaperoning the group were Nancy Moore-Beeman, Lorraine Bard, Sue Roenke and Extension Agent, Brenda Carpenter.

Exchange participants from Morgan County were Chelsee Bruggeling, Maggie Christensen, Mandy Columbia, Ryan Ernst, Conner Gerken, Ayla Newman, Chase Klein, Megan Griffith, Burke Larsen, Jessica O’Clair, Joe Rosenbrock, Kyle Rosenbrock, Rachel Sauer, Mallory Shaver, Grady Schamberger, Wade Schamberger, Mitch Tormohlen, Alex White and Washington County 4-H members, Kyle Mann, Kelsey Mann and Rebekka McCaleb. Hosting adults were Deanna Christensen, Elise Gerken, Cindy Tormohlen and Janice Dixon. Alex White designed the t-shirts for the exchange.

The group will continue fundraising for next year to prepare to travel to Tompkins County, New York at the end of June. Funds for the trip were also provided by Morgan County 4-H Leaders Advisory Committee.

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