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4-H is spinning in 2019

4-H SPIN Clubs provide “positive” youth development. Area Lincoln County youth can benefit from community-based 4-H programs. 4-H SPIN Clubs are being offered through Lincoln County 4-H, bringing children and their families with common interests together. “They are a 4-H club, but participation is for a shorter period of time and the focus is on a single 4-H project.

The local Nebraska Extension office is accepting enrollments for SPIN 4-H clubs. The name “SPIN” comes from special interest, but is just a new way for youth to become involved in a 4-H club.

The four essential elements of the 4-H program will continue to be the focus — belonging, independence, generosity and mastery. Experiential learning will be the key to making 4-H SPIN clubs successful. Youth who participate will always be doing hands-on learning, making friends and having fun.

4-H SPIN Clubs will focus on introducing youth and families to five 4-H projects throughout the 2019 4-H year. Members will work with caring adult volunteers that have experience on a given subject. The SPIN club will introduce youth to a specific topic of interest that they might not otherwise have the chance to explore.

The 4H SPIN Clubs focus on CloverKids (5 to 7 year old youth), Beginning Sewing, Cake Decorating, Hands-On Crafting and Robotics Programming.

Enrollments are currently being taken and activities start in early February 2019. There is a one-time fee that varies from $35 to $50 per child per SPIN Club plus the $5 annual membership fee. SPIN Clubs are designed for varying ages of children from 5 to 18. SPIN club members gain project specific knowledge, independence while working with friends, leadership skills and increased esteem while completing a project goal.

For more information on the Lincoln County 4-H SPIN Club, visit the webpage at LLM.unl.edu, or contact the Nebraska Extension – North Platte at (308) 532-2683.

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