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5L Red Angus Annual ‘Profit $eeker’ Spring Sale

Repeat customer Joe Egan, from Lamedeer, Mont., was at the sale.
Photo by Matt Wznick

• TFP Rep: Matt Wznick

• Date of Sale: April 20. 2020

• Location: At the Ranch-Sheridan, Mont.

• Auctioneer: Jim Birdwell


• 165 Red Angus Bulls: $4338

• 6 Red SimmAngus Bulls: $3083

• 32 Profit Plus Bulls: $3789

• 6 Opti Bulls: $2667

• 155 Commercial Yearling Heifers: $1199


• Lot 165 at $20,000, 5L Bourne Free 850-164G, DOB 2/16/19, 5L BOURNE FREE 1345-83E x 5L OSCE 2943-850, Sold to Mushrush Red Angus, Elmdale, Kansas

• Lot 3 at $11,500, 5L BOURNE 945-60G, DOB 2/9/19, 5L BOURNE 117-48A x 5L ADINA 3267-945, Sold to Blew Partnership, Castleton, Kansas

• Lot 6 at $10,000, 5L BOURNE 4753-54G, DOB 2/8/19, 5L BOURNE 117-48A x 5L SILKWOOD 1227-4753, Sold to Memory Ranches, Wells, Nevada

• Lot 1 at $9000, 5L RARITY 4787-531G, DOB 2/9/19, 5L ULTIMATUM 1893-03C x 5L BUBBLY 282-4787, Sold to Wedel Red Angus, Leoti, Kansas

• Lot 55 at $9000, 5L WRANGLER 5007-03G, DOB 1/21/19, 5L WRANGLER 1974-166E x 5L BARBARA 4844-5007, Sold to Laramie Cattle Co., Recluse, Wyoming

Top Profit Plus Bull

Lot 213 $8000, 5L BOURNE 9556-08G, DOB 1/25/19, 5L BOURNE 117-48A x 5L LANA 2998-9556, Sold to Gregg Hall, Filer, Idaho


Larry Mehlhoff along with his family and crew held the Annual 5L Red Angus ‘Profit $eeker’ Spring Bull Sale April 10, 2020, at the Ranch near Sheridan, Mont. A large selection of “wide body” bulls was offered to buyers along with a fancy set of commercial heifers. Congratulations on a great sale! ❖