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7th annual corn-picking event collects over 100,000 ears of sweet corn

Adrienne Pearson
Fort Morgan Times, Fort Morgan, Colo.
The Kosman family was in charge of growing this year's crop near Brush, Colo.
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Just six days after tornadoes wiped out many area crops in the Brush, Colo., area, one field was able to carry out its tradition of feeding thousands of people in the state of Colorado.

With both a larger crop and higher humidity, volunteer corn-pickers had quite the task ahead of them on Aug. 4 for the seventh annual Food Bank of the Rockies Sweet Corn Charity event, held outside of Fort Morgan.

The event was first started seven years ago by Bruce Postovit and Mike Kosman and has grown every year since. Since Kosman’s passing in 2015, the event has functioned as both a charity to the food bank, but also as a memorial to him. His sons, Austin and Alex Kosman, ended up growing a larger crop this year, but the same amount of volunteers showed up, meaning that everyone had to gather significantly more corn.

Volunteers were not exclusive to families in the area. Calvary Chapel in Aurora, Colo., sent a group to Fort Morgan to participate in the event alongside several local groups and businesses. Nutrien sent ag pilot Brent Barlow to provide a fly-by for the event after his plane survived the Brush tornadoes; CHS provided a barbecue lunch for all the volunteers and event staff after they completed picking; and Moeller and Graf Law drafted the liability waivers as well as donated mesh bags.


The Food Bank of the Rockies provided two semi trailers to fill with sweet corn to be distributed to people in need across the state. Volunteers picked approximately 100,000 ears of corn in around four hours, which could reach up to 33,000 people, or 8,250 families, throughout the state.

“God blessed us with a tremendous amount of sweet corn and enough strength to get the job done,” Postovit said.

Volunteers trudged through the field from 8 to 11 a.m., filling over 900 mesh bags with about 100 ears of sweet corn in each. After the gathering was completed, Doug Linton led a team of volunteers in loading the bags of corn into the semi-trailers.

Postovit was astounded by the amount of work accomplished Saturday.

“As always, it was really amazing to see a lot of families laboring together to bless others,” he said.

He and the other event organizers are grateful to everyone who participated in the event and look forward to next year’s harvest. ❖

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