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A cavvy of bloggers target savvy horse owners

The equine industry is bursting with resources and information about horse training, health, bonding, enjoying and more, and Cavvy Savvy, http://www.CavvySavvy.com, offers the same and more: the perspective of horsemen and horsewomen who live, breathe, breed, train, ride, start, and use horses on working cattle ranches. 

“Cavvy Savvy bloggers are people that share a common interest in and love for the importance of the performance horse. No matter how their lives involve horses, we share a passion. That passion, combined with a talent for writing and photography, are what draw them to the CS team,” blog coordinator Jessie Salter said. “In this small industry we try to reach out to folks that have something to contribute to our Cavvy Savvy mission. Writing experience is a bonus, however true horsemen and women are who we seek to start discussions on the blog.” 

The blog, a sister company to Tri-State Livestock News, features videos, photographs and stories that host easy-to-read, expert opinions that range from rodeo to ranch life, from horse care to supplies.  

“Our mission is to offer horse owners, professionals, and trainers a common channel to celebrate performance and working horses, their ownership from beginning to end, while focusing on the journey of good horsemanship and industry news,” the website states. “We hope that you settle in and enjoy our writers and the stories they share as they take you through the mind of a performance horse enthusiast and the daily ins and outs of what it takes to keep these athletes at their best.” 

Scanning through the featured horses for sale can yield some of the finest performance athletes, hard-working saddle horses, and conformationally-correct mares ready to cross with top stallions or take and use on the operation. 

Several writers have been with the blog since its inception in 2014, including Jenn Zeller, known through social media as The South Dakota Cowgirl. She is a Texas-transplant making her home on the DX Ranch in Eagle Butte, South Dakota. “Jenn Zeller is a horse trainer, barrel racer, and professional photographer that has been with CS since 2014. Jenn brings a well rounded perspective to her training articles along with beautiful photography,” Salter said. “Jolyn Young is a horsewoman, supermom, and inspiring ranch wife. She has been writing for us since the spring of 2015. Her posts are always funny and informative. You’ll get a good chuckle and learn how to tie a Spanish knot in your horse’s tail.” 

Young and her husband and children just moved from Nevada to O RO Ranch in northern Arizona. 

“Lynn Kohr is a well know horse trainer from Wyoming. She has been writing with us since 2015, and is one to count on for expert training and health care articles for the performance horse,” Salter said. 

“Our most current content comes from Savanna Simmons, a handy horsewoman, ranch wife, photographer, and mother who has been writing for us since June 2016, and Tiffany Schwenke who just came on and does a great job covering events and western heritage.” 

Jan Swan Wood, a long-time columnist and cartoonist for Tri-State Livestock News shares some of her funny stories and serious lessons, as well as illustrations and cartoons on the blog.  

While most writers’ topics are geared toward western disciplines and cowboying, all horse-lovers are encouraged to comb through the website and search the multitudes of keywords linked to blog posts. 

“I hope people who are looking to improve themselves, their horsemanship and their relationship in the world will take the time to read what I write,” Zeller said. “I hope they learn to be patient, become introspective and realize that the horse is never wrong.” 

The Cavvy Savvy writers who have hailed from varying backgrounds and experiences comprise a banquet of topics and plethora of knowledge. Where one writer may lack knowledge, another may have a strength. 

“There’s fresh content, humor, and it’s written by people who are working and living in situations where horses are practically a need. Therefore they ‘do’ on their horses, which aids in the experience level,” Zeller said. 

In addition to the blog, Cavvy Savvy has a thriving Instagram account, with nearly 20,000 followers who appreciate the beautiful, authentic photography by various photographers, all of whom know which side of a horse to mount from. 



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