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A Look Book

This Sunday morning after chores, breakfast, a little T.V. church and American Rancher on RFD T.V., I got involved in an old Roy Rogers movie. As I watched Roy and Dale and that moron, Pat that drives the Jeep, pursue those four bad guys. You know those bad guys that all ride bay horses with thick necks that they seem to always be jerkin’ around and pass the same rock formation 26 times during the chase.

I digress, gentle readers. It dawned on me if Roy, Dale, Pat, Bullet and the crew were doing today what they did back in the forties and fifties, they would all be in jail. Why? I’ll tell ya why. You can’t ride down a public road and chase folks, good or bad and shoot at them when they are trying to get away. Roy, bless his good old heart, just seem to always take the law into his own hands when it came to “makin’ things right!” If it were today, Roy and Dale would both be in jail for unlawful use of a firearm from a public roadway and Bullet would be in the animal shelter because he was always off leash and being used to apprehend suspects without due process and I doulbt if ole Bullet even had his county license and all his shots.

Here’s the way it works today, if someone robs you or hijacks your vehicle with your mother-in-law inside, you would be in big trouble if you pulled out a pistol and tried to shoot them before they got away. You would be in even bigger trouble if your mother-in-law wound up being a victim of your poor aim. Yes, times are a’changing children from what I observed and relished as a child watching Roy and Gene and Hoppy, The Cisco Kid and the Long Ranger and Tonto bring those “outlaws” to justice and do it so swiftly and most likely the only ones wounded were when the bad guy got the gun shot out of his hand.

Then we progressed to John Wayne who trashed the bad guys “the John Wayne” way. There were exceptions like in his later movies that didn’t include guys like Dean Martin and Ricky Nelson, when “The Duke,” got hisself killed. In the “Cowboys” and later in the “Shootist.” In too many of his movies he could get shot more times than Bonnie and Clyde and put on a few bandages and ride off into the sunset the next day. We do still have those special folks among us. We have heros like our wildland firefighters, our folks in law enforcement, our armed forces and many teachers, pastors, and all types of folks out there and you may be a hero to someone yourself. If you ain’t, ya otta’ be!

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and remember to stand up for freedom. I’ll c. y’all, all y,all. ❖


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