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A veteran’s tribute to all soldiers and their families

Beth gibbons
Crawford, Neb.
Sgt. Cody Gibbons, is welcomed back to Germany by his wife Tonya and son Carson when he returned from Iraq.

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Respect for our American flag is one way to honor our soldiers. Today’s veterans signed up voluntarily to leave home to train to defend our country with honor and with their lives. They leave with the prayers of their family with them.

Some soldiers are still gallantly fighting for their country in foreign countries, with their lives on the line each day. The world isn’t free until we all are free.

Bombs have not stopped dropping. Our brave soldiers continue fighting, carrying around in excess of 80 pounds of ammunition and protection plus their guns. It is no wonder they are loosing weight and looking forward to the time the battles will all be over and they can return to their families.

Mothers, fathers, wives, and sweethearts, grandparents, brothers, sisters, and their little ones anxiously wait for their soldiers’ return. Banners are made and proudly displayed. We are witting letters and sending packages to show our support to our American soldiers. News from home is so important. That is something everyone can do to show that you care.

The pledge to the flag says: I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. This is the pledge of all Americans for our nation.

Taking off caps and putting our hand over our heart makes this a meaningful gesture as we pledge. The pledge begins with “I.” I am only one person but I, as an individual can make a difference.

“Pledge allegiance” means that I promise to give my support and love.

“To the flag,” means to support the flag banner which represents our country.

“Of the United States of America,” this is the title of our country given when the forefathers decided to unite to become a free independent nation in America.

“And to the Republic for which it stands,” refers to the grand history and the people united to work together to support one another and the good of all.

“One nation” refers to how our fellow country men are untied to support and defend one another.

“Under God” means God is here for us and watching over us wherever we are. We are proud to recognize that fact that God cares about us.

“Indivisible” simply means we are not divided but united in a cause. We are united together with God to defend our great country.

“With liberty,” that is referring to our freedom while

“And justice for all” says we will be fair and do what is right for all people.

It is not important where you came from but that we are all Americans united to support one another and our flag of our country. With all our hearts we pledge honor to our country, the flag and our soldiers who help keep our country safe.

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