Acreage reports for 2017 spring plantings due by July 15 |

Acreage reports for 2017 spring plantings due by July 15

GREELEY, Colo. — Weld County USDA Farm Service Agency Executive Director Jeff Wilson asks producers visit their local FSA office once spring planting is completed. Even though July 15 is the final reporting date for most crops. Producers must file an acreage report for all crop acreage on all farms in order to become eligible for any benefits offered by the FSA.

FSA accepts acreage reports for all annually planted crops and perennial forages. Remember that acreage reports are needed by Nov. 15 for all native and improved pasture and fall seeded small grains. Livestock Forage Program benefits only become eligible if the county is affected by drought as recorded on the U.S. Drought Monitor.

Continuous reports are available for perennial forage and grazing crops. All other crops, such as alfalfa and mixed forages, must be reported annually just like annually seeded crops.

Late-filed provisions are available for producers who miss the reporting deadline. Producers only have until the next year’s reporting deadline to file a report.

Once the planting is complete, call the Weld County FSA to obtain an appointment for acreage reporting.

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