Adorn your home with autumn color |

Adorn your home with autumn color

The beauty of autumn hues is perhaps only surpassed by the grandeur of holiday lights and trimmings. But before you get set to deck your house in Christmas flair, transform it into an autumnal wonder in time for the month of November and your Thanksgiving feast.

• Borrowing from the shades of nature is one of the easiest ways to transform interior and exterior into beautiful fall scapes. Take advantage of hardy mums in bold yellows, russets, and oranges to give flowerbeds a fall feel. Put a bunch of burgundy dahlias into a vase and surround it with fresh pears and pomegranates for an easy table centerpiece.

• Reclaim your youth and get the kids involved in a fun project that can be used to display some fall foliage. Gather good specimens of fallen leaves in bright autumn colors. Place a few leaves between two pieces of waxed paper and seal together with an iron set to a low temperature. Frame the artwork and display.

• Wreaths aren’t just for the winter holidays. Wind evergreen boughs around a grapevine wreath and dot with small gourds and faux or real garlands of leaves. Hang on the front door or over the fireplace.

• Autumn often evokes visions of forests and woodland retreats. Transform any home into a “cozy cabin” by mimicking some of the design styles. Place a checkered tablecloth on the kitchen or dining room table. Wooden ducks or bowls full of pine cones can add some country charm. Rustic wood accents from picture frames to gathered twigs placed in a vase also add to the appeal.

• Even if you haven’t fired up your fireplace for the season, make sure it’s a focal point of the room. Place fall-colored candles right in the hearth and drape garland on the mantle.

• Use gourds, fruits, and vegetables. Fresh fruit and seasonal items add easy color outdoors or inside. Orange pumpkins, speckled gourds, Indian corn, and even yellow squash can quickly put spots of color where you need it. Using fruit and vegetables is an inexpensive way to add impact to decor and centerpieces.

• Spend a day gathering acorns and pine cones with the kids. Tie a ribbon onto the stems or one of the cone shoots and attach to a cardboard tag. Use these seasonal picks for place cards at your Thanksgiving table.

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