African swine fever case confirmed in Germany |

African swine fever case confirmed in Germany

German Federal Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner has confirmed a case of African Swine Fever on a wild boar found near the Polish border, in the surroundings of the city of Cottbus (Brandenburg).

COPA and COGECA, the coalitions of European farm groups and co-ops praised Germany’s preparation and performance upon the discovery of the case.

“Following the confirmation of a case of infected wild boars, the German ministry of Agriculture announced today a series of strict measures to avoid any contaminations and the activation of a crisis management plan,” COPA and COGECA said in a news release.

“The German authorities’ swift reactions proved the efficiency of the surveillance program in place in the region, and the preparation of all players. Measures announced will mostly address wildlife populations, proving again the importance of a strong EU wide program on wild boar population management.”

COPA and COGECA Secretary-General Pekka Pesonen said, “The identification of infected wild boars in Germany today is of course a source of concern for the whole European pig meat sector. Nevertheless we should be reassured. Germany proved its capacity for rapid response and effective actions while the Brandenburg region has a low pig production.

“The recent and positive management by Belgian and Czech authorities of ASF shows that biosecurity measures taken by farmers and public authorities are efficient in the EU.”

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