After CBD biomass prices plummet 80% — Farmer’s Revival pioneers a solution for farmers to compete in the hemp industry |

After CBD biomass prices plummet 80% — Farmer’s Revival pioneers a solution for farmers to compete in the hemp industry

LASALLE, Colo. — In a harsh twist of fate, the 2018 farm bill that was supposed to save farmers’ livelihoods and drive them to prosperity has ultimately done just the opposite resulting in more financial strain and hardship on the agriculture industry. In 2019, farmers across the nation rushed to grow hemp, bolstered by the frenzy behind the now infamous farm bill, only to find the market rapidly deplete because of the supply far exceeding the demand driving the margins down at an exponential rate. Two Colorado farmers experienced this firsthand and realized to continue their livelihood, something had to change on a fundamental level.

Trevor Fritzler, a fourth generation Colorado farmer, and Ryan Trinkler a third generation farmer were enamored with the hype of the hemp game. In 2019 they farmed nearly 200 acres together and realized quickly that it was going to be a difficult road. First, there were the extreme costs associated with growing the crop, drying the crop, cleaning out the bi-products, and prepping the crop for extraction. Then, once they completed those steps, their material needed to be delivered to an extractor who’s tolling fees and profit splits were extremely expensive. When CBD biomass prices were high, these fees involved in getting the crop from ‘soil to oil’ still left room for farmers and they were able to make a profit. But, when the CBD biomass prices fell the processing fees did not, making it impossible for farmers to break even let alone make a profit.

So, Fritzler and Trinkler spent every minute since the 2019 harvest searching for a way to sell their CBD crop at a profit. After exploring many possibilities they were able to find an honest and reputable extraction company, Zelios Colorado.

Through communication with other farmers it was also discovered that these problems had become the new normal, in fact, a very large percentage of Colorado farmers that grew hemp for CBD in 2019 were in the same predicament. So, a new company was formed, named Farmers Revival with the mission to help other farmers succeed in marketing their hemp crop. Literally taking the crop all the way from ‘Soil to Oil.’

Trinkler’s thoughts were “We work hard, and we work honest, we aren’t asking for much but it would be nice to be able to afford our farms and keep them in our family legacy.”

They realized to make any kind of a profit they would need to figure out how to find viable sales channels aligned with quality extraction programs. They identified a huge gap between farmers and these other channels and understood to succeed they had to get smart about cutting their costs, increasing their harvest efficiencies, and partnering with a well-connected extractor.

They ended up building a revolutionary solution that takes place under just one roof. The name Farmers Revival and its mission is to support farmers in this industry. Helping them farm, not just to survive, but to win.

“The world needs farmers, and we are offering a sustainable crop with tons and tons of potential. It is time that farmers earn something for the hard work that they have put in for generations on U.S. soil,” Fritzler said.

Farmers Revival has developed a brand-new post-harvest drying technology, biomass cleaning machinery, massive scale decarboxylation, and many high output options for extraction preparation with costs one-third of the existing market for similar services. They have partnered with a very large and reputable extraction company, Zelios Colorado, and built an affordable program for extraction of farmers biomass and even able to outright purchase biomass. Then, once the material is extracted, Zelios Colorado’s robust CBD sales network is available to sell the oil into the market.

With these programs a farmer can finally come to an honest farmer owned company that truly has a farmer’s best interests. Farmers can fight back and claim their stake in the world of hemp. Farmer’s need a revival to turn the corner in this industry.

Come join us and see Farmers Revival on Friday, Aug. 21, 2020 at:

20921 CR 33, LaSalle, Colorado 80645 from 9am-11am.

Check out our websites at: and

If you would like more information or a comment about this topic and to RSVP for media day, please call Fritzler at: Cell: (970) 573-8025, Office: (970) 614-3153, Email:


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