Ag groups ask appropriators to raise truck weight limits

The Hagstrom Report

A coalition of agriculture groups has asked congressional appropriators to include language in an appropriations bill to allow 10 states to engage in a pilot program to obtain information on the safety and environmental benefits of increasing the maximum commercial truck weight on interstate highways.

“We respectfully encourage the committee to include language in the FY 2018 Transportation, Housing, and Urban Development appropriations bill to create a voluntary program under which 10 states could opt-in to allowing 91,000 lb, 6-axle, bridge formula compliant trucks on federal interstate highways within their borders, and collect additional safety data regarding the GVW and axle configurations of commercial trucks involved in serious accidents,” the groups said.

“To enable carriers to recoup the investment of an additional axle, this pilot should be for 15 years, which is the average life-span of a commercial trailer. Such a pilot, similar to others included in previous appropriations bills, will provide critical information currently lacking but necessary to determine if significant benefits affiliated with this configuration can be realized in a way to preserve or enhance the safety our nation’s roads.”

The National Grain and Feed Association released the letter.