Ag Watch Market Advisors announces new grain marketing curriculum |

Ag Watch Market Advisors announces new grain marketing curriculum

FRANKLIN, Ky. — Ag Watch Market Advisors, author of On the Money Grain Commentary, has developed a program to teach the dynamics of grain marketing. Ag Watch Grain Market University is a four-month mentorship with president Dewey Strickler which consists of three one-on-one sessions per week. This online program was created with the intention of teaching the fundamentals of the grain markets to those who wish to learn extensive details of the trade.

“I created Ag Watch University because grain producers are notorious for doing a poor job of marketing,” Strickler said. “Producers can raise a crop, but do not know how to sell it. Ag Watch University shows them how to do a more efficient job of marketing.”

Central to the Ag Watch Market University curriculum is acquiring the knowledge about the grain markets from a trader’s perspective by learning indicators and patterns of the markets. Features of the program are an introduction to Elliott Wave Analysis, technical indicators, seasonal patterns, set ups and commodity funds. Also primary to the course is a seven-point requirement which must be fulfilled before a grain sale can be made. This extensive program can be followed up with an optional mentorship to further improve a trader’s skills.

Ag Watch University teaches the skill sets to proficiently market a producer’s grain and take out the emotion. Did a producer sell too quickly, or not quickly enough? The Ag Watch program centers around how to take the guesswork out of marketing.

Ag Watch Market Advisors, LLC., is a limited liability corporation that specializes in providing consulting services to the grain industry. Under the direction of Dewey Strickler, the principal business is providing market advisory for grain producers and end users. For more information, contact Dewey Strickler, President at (270) 586-9051 or


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