Agfinity recognized by the National-Agri Marketing Association

The cooperative’s website was awarded first place website design for Region II

LOVELAND, Colo. — Agfinity, Inc., one of the largest and most prominent agricultural cooperatives in the state of Colorado, announced today that it was named the first place National-Agri Marketing Association winner of internet website design directed to farmers, ranchers, growers, and all others serving agribusiness for 2021. The award highlights the cooperative’s commitment to serve and be a good neighbor to their members, customers and partners by providing an exceptional customer experience.

“Clear communication is vital to our organization. Due to our geographic location and our diverse product and service offerings, we proudly serve rural and urban areas. We communicate with farmers and ranchers, municipalities, turf businesses, construction companies, urban consumers, and even students. Our website serves as the doorway to our cooperative and we welcome everyone.” said Jason Brancel, president and CEO, Agfinity, Inc.

The award was given by the National Agri-Marketing Association, an organization for agri-marketing professionals. The Best of NAMA awards program honors the best work in agricultural communications at regional and national levels. Agfinity’s website was entered in NAMA’s Region II category, which includes six-different chapters and nine-different states including: Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma.

Aaron Smith, executive vice-president of Sales and Customer Experience, Agfinity, Inc. shared, “We’re really proud of this one. Our website speaks to our brand, our mission, and our passion to help farmers feed the world. We’re working hard and working smart to serve our members, customers, and partners whether they are in the field, pasture, or their home office.”

The Best of NAMA Region II’s internet website directed to farmers, ranchers, growers, and all others serving agribusiness award is scored on challenge or opportunity, objective or desired response, target audience, and craftsmanship/originality. The cooperative will now advance their digital website entry to the national level to be scored among the best of the best agricultural companies and agencies

“It’s an honor to receive this award. I am full of gratitude for this industry, the key team members who played a role in this project, and the opportunity to help share the story of our cooperative and the vast agriculture industry” said Maggie Dillavou, sales and marketing coordinator, Agfinity, Inc.

The cooperative has been in business since 1905 and is still proudly locally run and farmer owned.


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