Agriculturalists of all kinds are offering podcasts about everything from farm life to new technology |

Agriculturalists of all kinds are offering podcasts about everything from farm life to new technology

With smart phones in hand and rarely a lack of driving to be done, farmers and ranchers are the perfect candidates for podcasts, according to AgGrad founder Tim Hammerich.

He compares podcasts to radio on steroids, available for free, on demand, with few or no commercial breaks, without cell phone or internet connection, and with the ability to subscribe to favorite shows and listen to episodes in a binge listening fashion or as new episodes become available.

“The hardest thing is opening that podcast app for the first time,” he said. “It’s like discovering YouTube for the first time. You can learn anything you want, directly from any person I want, anytime, for free.”

Podcasts about agriculture vary widely from scientific to entertaining. Hammerich hosts the Future of Agriculture podcast, concentrating on innovation in agriculture, broken into four main segments: entrepreneurship, agriculture technology, sustainability and food security.

“What I’m looking for are stories that seem kind of on the fringe right now but have a legitimate case to be mainstream ag decades down the road,” he said.

Hammerich grew up on a hobby farm in northern California and after graduating from the University of California Davis, entered the grain and feed industry, working in Kansas City, Wichita, and Bird City, Kan. In 2015, he saw an opportunity to go on his own in the recruiting side of agriculture. was born and followed soon after by the podcast, originally intended to be another side of the recruiting arm of his business.

“As I followed my own curiosity and what resonated with audiences, it’s kind of taken on a life of its own,” he said.

Hammerich now blogs about the podcast interviews as well on his Future of Ag website. He said podcasts about agriculture are available in a number of topics and hosted by people ranging from radio professionals to industry experts to those working directly in production agriculture. Hammerich’s podcast is part of the Farm and Rural Podcast Network, featuring podcasts from multiple agricultural podcasters.

Some are produced by trade organizations to help producers and members stay updated about news and legislative issues like podcasts by Arkansas Farm Bureau, BeefWatch by the University of Nebraska and Beltway Beef by the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association,


Ag News Daily is a podcast produced by agriculture journalists Mike Pearson and Delaney Howell concentrating on industry news and featuring guests who are experts in their fields. AgWeb and AgriTalk are produced by the Farm Journal Media team and cover national ag news with a concentration on the Midwest. AgWired is an agribusiness podcast from ZimmComm Media. LaneCast by Lane Nordlund of Bozeman, Mont., is primarily Montana agriculture news as Nordlund, a radio host, travels around the region and visits producers.

BeefPros is hosted by Colorado State University graduate Ben Spitzer and Garrett Thomas and this podcast concentrates on the beef industry and features many of its experts and influencers. Off-Farm Income concentrates on niche markets within agriculture and host Matt Brechwald, one of agriculture’s most prolific podcasters, even trains newbies to produce their own podcasts.

Girls Talk Ag is hosted by Angie Setzer, Karen Corrigan, and Jennifer Campbell and concentrates on the agriculture industry from the perspective of moms. Marjo Guyler-Alaniz is the photographer and host behind FarmHer and host of the Shining Bright podcast about women in all facets of agriculture.

Some podcasts, like Cody Creelman, Cow Vet, are based in veterinary medicine and agriculture issues but Creelman, a Canadian large animal practitioner is also a vlog hit with his love of abscess lancing and his large following, known as the Palpation Nation. Sharkfarmer is hosted by Rob Sharkey, an Illinois grain farmer, outfitter, and hunter who tackles controversial and entertaining agricultural topics. Another podcast known for its educational and entertainment value is Mike Rowe’s The Way I Heard It.

The podcast app is installed on all iPhones and podcasts are available for free on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play or through links associated with the podcast. Hammerich recommends subscribing to favorites to have the most up-to-date releases. ❖

— Gabel is an assistant editor and reporter for The Fence Post. She can be reached at or (970) 392-4410.

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