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Ahhhh, back to normal once again

My world is finally getting back to normal after the holiday season. I am once again getting so many emails that I have to delete a few months worth of old emails. And, my phone is ringing again.

And as is typical for this time of year, it’s cold and flu season.

My husband had a terrible cold and coughed all week. He’s finally over it but he still has occasional coughing fits.

During that time, I kept my distance and managed to remain healthy. Knock on wood, but I can’ t remember when I had the flu. And, I usually get only one cold a year.

Luckily my husband recovered in time to help me take the Christmas decorations down.

As many of you look out your windows and see beautiful snow-covered scenery, we here in Greeley have no snow.

Maybe if I write this in my Editor’s Note, Mother Nature will send some snow our way. I don’t mind snow, I just don’t want my snow blowing in a 40 mph wind with way below zero temperatures. The polar vortex is real folks and I’ve been through it many times.

The weather forecast is for rain mixed with snow tonight but I don’t hold out hope that we will get much in the form of snow. And the rest of next week temperatures will be in the 40s, so even if we did get snow it won’t last long.

I think the warm temps and no snow conditions have followed me from Alaska.

We probably shoveled the driveway twice in two years and both times there were probably only 5 or 6 inches of snow.

The last year we were there they had to bring in snow by train so they could hold the unofficial start of the Iditarod down the streets of Anchorage. In case you don’t know, the Iditarod is a sled dog race.

They also had to make some adjustments to the path the sled dogs would take because of a lack of snow.

One weekend we decided to go to Fairbanks just so we could have some winter fun. They had plenty of snow there. It was about 5 degrees below zero so we headed to the hot springs where the moisture made our hair freeze. Then we went to the ice sculptures where there was also an ice playground for children. It was pretty cool.

I won’t bore you anymore with my weather tales and, after, all I’m in Colorado, if I want snow I can just go to the mountains.

Just be glad I didn’t rant about the government shutdown again or the border wall. ❖