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‘Aim High’ online

Beef producers who want to set higher quality and profit goals have a new source of information.

The “Aim High” website debuted Friday, Nov. 9. The joint project of Angus Productions Inc. (API) and Certified Angus Beef LLC (CAB) is one of several topic sites hosted by API. Both it and CAB are subsidiaries of the American Angus Association.

“We wanted to provide a new place that could serve as a resource for those farmers and ranchers who try to produce the best,” said Steve Suther, CAB director of industry information. The site features nine main pages.

“The CAB supply development team is truly vested in helping cattlemen across the country prosper with Angus genetics,” said Terry Cotton, API general manager.

“This site brings together information on how to optimize genetics, management, feeding and marketing to help capture added value, along with who to contact for assistance,” he said. “We’re pleased to add Aim High to our menu of topic sites that serve as online resources about subjects of particular interest to producers.”

Suther noted, “One of the neat benefits of Aim High is that it compiles the producer example stories in one place. These are the overviews of cattlemen who have been there, done that and keep making it work on their operations. What better way to get guidance on shooting for quality?”

The “In print” page allows site viewers to read stories that were published in the Angus Journal and Angus Beef Bulletin from 2001 to present, while the “Other news” page contains articles published by other leading industry magazines and news releases from other industry sources. The “CAB newsroom” contains articles on management to increase Certified Angus Beef brand acceptance, based on new research into beef quality.

“We hope this will connect producers with information they find useful in their day-to-day businesses,” Suther said.

To access the Aim High site, please visit http://www.aimhighwithcab.info.


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