All it takes is bravado |

All it takes is bravado

I admire anyone who can back up to one of those long stock trailers knowing which way to turn the steering wheel of the pickup, as opposed to the location of the hitch on the trailer. It takes some shoulder-dipping and neck-twisting, as well as distance calculation to accomplish this feat. Is this where those mathematical formulas they taught us in school might come in handy today?

For instance, would knowing that A (the width of the space) divided by B (the length of the machinery) could be equal to C (the area of narrower-than-it-looks) and D (the amount of time required to park the combined vehicles ) make the task any easier?

Come to think of it, I know backing up to the hitch of any trailer is an outstanding achievement in itself. Getting the gooseneck coupler of the trailer situated over the ball in the bed of the pickup on the first try is something like competing in an Olympic sport. Years past I’ve partnered my husband a few times when it took two to trailer-up.

Another thing I’ve been wondering about is if all those pickups you see dragging stock trailers back and forth from the country to town and back home again, regardless of whether or not it’s livestock sales day, really done as a status symbol thing? It has to be the case of finding it’s just too darned frustrating to get the two pieces of equipment hooked together without a lot of teeth-gnashing and word-bleeping taking place before the deed is accomplished. So, it’s just easier to leave ’em connected for the duration is my guess.

The other day I saw a semi-tractor drive by dragging a huge trailer loaded with critters for the sale barn here in town. And I marveled at the guts it must take to maneuver one of those combinations.

About all the maneuvering I’ve ever been capable of is getting my cart between the side mirrors of two cars in the grocery store’s parking lot without a mishap.

Even this takes a bit of bravado.

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