American Royal Association announces plans to move to Kansas |

American Royal Association announces plans to move to Kansas

Courtesy of the Kansas Department of Agriculture
The proposed design of the new arena.
Courtesy of American Royal |

The American Royal Association announced Oct. 25 that they reached an agreement with the State of Kansas and Unified Government to relocate to Wyandotte County, Kan.

In a room packed with agricultural industry leaders from across Kansas, the American Royal Association announced the plan to move to Wyandotte County, Kansas.

“The American Royal is a perfect fit for Kansas for many reasons — from a shared rich heritage supporting animal agriculture to a commitment to providing high-quality agricultural education opportunities. But one of the primary reasons this move makes sense is our shared focus on continued growth and improvement,” said Kansas Secretary of Agriculture Jakie McClaskey in a statement. “We know the future of agriculture in Kansas doesn’t look like the industry we grew up in; instead, we know that we’re going to have to build new partnerships, take chances on new technologies and new production practices, explore innovative marketing opportunities, and engage with and learn from our consumers and customers. The partnership we’re building with the American Royal is not simply about creating a new livestock show facility, but about developing a committed partnership to drive agriculture forward.”

The complex will come with a number of new commodities, including an agricultural education center. According the a news release from the American Royal Association, the center will focus on the ins and outs of agriculture, and will have an indoor and outdoor facility, which will include an interactive experience for a better learning experience.

“Kansas is committed to providing opportunities to encourage additional growth and expansion of agriculture in the state and far beyond its borders” said Kansas Governor Sam Brownback. “A new home for the American Royal complex in Kansas enhances the overall agricultural focus in the state and elevates Kansas’ prominence in the U.S. agricultural industry.”

According to the news release, the largest industry and employer in Kansas comes from agriculture. The addition of the American Royal is set to continue and enhance the Kansas culture. The release pointed to Kansas’ economy, which is 43 percent dependent on agriculture. ❖

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