American Salers Association joins IGS genetic evaluation database |

American Salers Association joins IGS genetic evaluation database

-American Salers Association

PARKER, Colo. – The American Salers Association recently entered as one of the newest affiliates of International Genetic Solutions (IGS). After updating and integrating EPDs and genetic indicators for the entire Salers breed, new IGS sanctioned performance reports were able to be issued to producers at the end of June. The IGS system consists of more than 17 breed associations from across the U.S., Canada and Australia, that have entered data on nearly 20 million head of cattle. Cumulatively, they have put together the most directly-comparable, multi-breed genetic evaluation tool available.

IGS brings forward the value of collaboration between multiple beef cattle breeds and translates this value directly into the management and decision-making process of the producer. Now, Salers EPDs have been entered into a program that puts them on an equal plane with all the EPDs of other IGS represented breeds. The goal is to help seedstock producers market and advertise their livestock and to ensure that commercial producers are able to make the best informed decision for their own operation.

The Salers breed holds the interest of both registered and commercial producers in very high regard. According to ASA Executive Vice President Sherry Doubet, “The American Salers Association is excited for commercial producers across the country to be able to utilize EPDs and compare them across breeds. We are pleased to be able to continue our commitment to the commercial producer by joining IGS in this endeavor.”