Angus/Talon Youth Educational Learning Program internship and host ranch applications now open |

Angus/Talon Youth Educational Learning Program internship and host ranch applications now open

Host and intern applications now available for 2022

Hands-on experience is arguably the most valuable way to learn, just ask the four young people who all interned this summer with the Talon Internship Program. The Talon Internship is a learning opportunity for college students from coast to coast to gain new experiences while spending the summer working and learning on an Angus host ranch. Interns will learn about the industry while being molded into advocates for the entire beef and agricultural industry. Angus breeders can host an intern over the summer or fall and welcome them to work alongside them on their operation.

“The Angus Foundation is proud to assist in carrying on Camron Cooper’s legacy by giving young aspiring cattlemen and women the chance to work and gain experience on a working operation,” said Thomas Marten, Angus Foundation executive director. “The Talon internship is a unique opportunity for students to work on seasoned operations and learn from some of the best in the business.”

The internship honors the legacy of the late Camron “Cam” Cooper of the Talon Ranch, Twin Bridges, Mont. Cooper developed the Angus/Talon Youth Educational Learning Program Endowment Fund in 2009 to be a holistic educational experience for students. College sophomores, juniors, seniors and graduate students under the age of 25, majoring in an agriculture-related field of study, are eligible to apply for the internship.

“I would definitely recommend and have been recommending this internship to any college student interested in a career in the agriculture industry and particularly in the beef industry,” said Denny Atchley, a 2021 Talon intern placed at TD Angus from Las Cruces, N.M. “The magnitude of everything I learned over the last few months cannot be understated, nor can the value of the connections I had the privilege of making and the relationships which I am sure will last far past this summer.”

Throughout Atchley’s internship at TD Angus at Rishel Ranch in North Platte, Neb., he said he learned about the Angus breed, genetics and marketing and could not have been paired with a better operation to serve as an example.

“The Wasserburgers could not have been a better family to spend my summer working with,” he said. “They as well as the rest of the employees of TD Angus took me under their wing and made me feel right as home as they did everything they could to ensure I learned as much as possible during my time there.”

Interns also had the opportunity to visit the American Angus Association headquarters in Saint Joseph, Mo., as well as visit to Certified Angus Beef LLC in Wooster, Ohio. They also had the chance to participate in other Angus and beef cattle educational events and activities off the farm, such as conferences, field days and so on.

The Talon intern is compensated by the Angus Foundation through the Angus/Talon Youth Educational Learning Program Endowment Fund.

For more information on the Talon Internship program, contact Thomas Marten, Angus Foundation executive director, at or visit


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