Animal I.D. info to land in Colorado mailboxes

Colorado Department of Agriculture

Within the next couple weeks, livestock owners in Colorado will be receiving information in the mail from the Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA) that will help take the mystery out of the National Animal Identification System (NAIS) and Colorado premises identification.

State-specific informational materials, a new user-friendly Web site address, and CDA specialists are available to answer the questions being raised about premises identification.

To date, responses by livestock and poultry producers to the words “premises identification” vary from enthusiastic support to puzzled looks to complete indifference. Although Colorado has been involved in the development of a state animal identification program since 2003, CDA will provide additional information and dispel myths about premises and animal identification.

“We want to make certain that Colorado’s livestock owners have their questions answered and their concerns addressed,” said John Heller, CDA animal ID coordinator. “Toward that end, we are sending out a letter and a brochure that will answer the more frequently asked questions.”

Included in the mailing will be a premises registration form that is simple to fill out and mail back to CDA, postage paid.

The goal of the NAIS is to be able to identify all premises and animals that have had contact with a foreign or domestic animal disease concern within 48 hours, which will help limit the scope of such outbreaks and ensure they are contained and eradicated as quickly as possible. It will also minimize the effect on livestock markets and ongoing agricultural commerce.

The first step in reaching that goal is premises identification. Any location or site where livestock and poultry are born, handled, housed, managed, marketed, processed, or exhibited needs a premises identification number.

Additional information is available by going to or by calling Colorado’s Animal ID toll free line at 1-877-842-0102.


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